Shirt- Forever 21 | Jeans- J.Crew | Necklace- Forever 21 | Bracelet- J.Crew | Boots- Urban Outfitters | Bag- Alexander Wang Rocco (Rose Gold)

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend — I know I did. Sometimes it’s just a slouchy-shirt-and-jeans kinda day, no?




Thanks for reading!


  1. Lloydandwolf says

    Great look!

    I’m not usually into huge embellishments on purses but it’s quite subtle! What kind of purse is that?

  2. followmarlaslife says

    I love your top and that whole outfit.  That is how I dress most days.  Comfortable yet very classy.  You look so stylish.

  3. Meghan Jester says

    Looks great, Kristina! It’s funny how sometimes the simplest, no-fuss outfits just really make the person shine! Such is the case with today’s outfit. Loving how long your legs look b/c of the all black! 


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