Sephora Haul & Giveaway Winner

Sorry it has been a while guys, I’m working in an ICU this month and I’m at work from 5:30 AM to 6:30 PM and even later some nights. I have a haul video for you that I filmed before the start of this rotation, thankfully! (Click the image above or click here to watch.) And I’m announcing the winner of the Rebecca Minkoff MAC bag giveaway! Drumroll please…

Congratulations Ly! Please email me your information so I can send you this gorgeous bag! Thanks to everyone who entered, 2,468 is a lot of entries! Wow! I’ll definitely have to do another one again soon, right? ;-)

  • Veronika Kostrouchova

    Darn it, I never win anything.

    • Veronika Kostrouchova

       Oh and btw, there’s never too many videos! They’re lovely :) I do have one question though, how do you become a Sephora VIB? I just have their normal customer card? Is it by getting a lot of points? (definitely don’t have enough money for that!)

      • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

        I think it’s the normal VIB’s like a rewards program. Spend x amount get x amount of points, redeem for fun deluxe sample collections

        • Mukta Mahmud

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    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      always keep trying veronika! I said the same thing and then I once won a vintage diamond ring from the This Is Glamorous blog!

  • Neha

    You need to try the Miracle Skin Transformer! It’s awesome! Saw an infomercial to tv for it a while back then saw it for sale at Sephora. The girls there raved about it so I thought I would pick it up along with the Becca Radiant Skin foundation, which I am loving too!!

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      Ooh, never heard of it, I’ll have to look it up!

  • Lauren

    Congratulations to Ly! I am insanely jealous ;) but excited that this beautiful bag will get to be enjoyed by someone! Thanks again Kristina, for the opportunity! :) 

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      Thank YOU for participating, and being a reader!

  • Eula Anne

    Congrats to the winner! You’re so lucky :P lol!

  • Jessica (Jess Kay Designs)

    If you have “baby” fine/lightweight hair, you may want to only do the sunday shampoo every other week… Otherwise it may be too harsh and make your hair dry and frizzy…
    I’m curious about that cream blush! The brightness had me worried but it looks like it blends amazingly!

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      That’s good to know Jessica!


    congratulation!!! :(   :D

  • Raven Locks

    Congrats to the winner!

    Just wanted to say that your new pic to the right is GORGEOUS!  You look so pretty in that pic.  Thanks for sharing all of these goodies.  Love your videos, girl!

    xo  Azu

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      Aw, thank you so much!

  • Bmilne01

    Thanks for the chance at the Awesome giveaway. The winner is a lucky girl, but we’re all lucky that you share this blog with us.  Thank you for taking time to share all the wonderful girly stuff : ) 

    I saw a fragrance and thought of you…have you tried Signorina Eau de Parfum (Salvatore Ferragamo)?  It’s available at Neiman Marcus. 

    Have a great day making Happy memories!

  • Samantha

    Congratulations to Ly!!! What a gorgeous bag!
    While I LOVE your videos, I am scared to watch your Sephora haul video because I am in a very shoppy mood (especially dying to buy some good BB cream and I’m afraid some extras may just “fall” into my shopping cart as well..LOL!). I fear that watching your video will push me over the edge and make me SHOP!  Has anyone tried the new Revlon BB or the new Garnier BB for Oily skin,btw? 

  • Tammywong5

    I love your videos and look forward to watching them!!!

  • Natalie

    I completely agree, the Clinique moisturizer does smell funky! Plugh!

    Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity & a big congrats to the winner! How exciting!!

  • Ashley Cates

    I got a sample of the Dr. Jart BB Cream before I went on vacation a week ago and I literally had a nervous breakdown when I ran out, it is amazing. You will love love love it! 

    I have fair/light skin (as well as combination oily) and had the same problem matching my tone with a ‘one size fits all’ BB but this one was out of this world perfect! You’ve found a new favorite I’m sure of it!

    Fabulous video and now it looks like I might have to accidentally purchase the YSL blush as well.. whoops! ;)

  • Jisaacs38

    Anyone reading this has to know that the waterfuse Dr. Jart’s BB cream is so much better than the one in he video. The outside of the container is a light green, and it is a miracle in a bottle. You have to try. It was sold out at my Sephora so I ordered online. I am very pale, but this even worked on my daughter who has a much darker skin tone than mine. My close friend and mother in law tried it at my house and now have started using it too. You will love it:)

  • Rachel E

    Congrats to the winner! and love the haul! I’ve been good lately avoiding that store for the last month or two, but now I’m tempted! I blame YOU! lol jk xo

  • Lily

    Love the videos! Keep em coming!

  • Dalal Dali

    Hi kristina, Im always happy for the winner, but this is something I have to ask, did she contacted you? If not when will you pick another winner?

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      Yes, Ly has contacted me!

  • Paula McClelland

    Ooh – I like the sound of the Black Honey lipstick…  I was all about the garish eye shadow in High school #blush.

    <3 Paula Shoe Fiend

  • Ala

    Just wanted to say that you are really awesome for even having this giveaway… I think your readers really felt appreciated (myself definitely included) even if they didn’t win. Thank you for holding it :) I even miss saying “Happy ____day, Kristina!” everyday as a comment… :P

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      I miss seeing them! You can always come back and say hi everyday…no giveaway required… :)

  • Alexandra

    Thanks for all the new product info! I might have to try the YSL cream blush- I have a Dior cream blush, but it always feels so chalky on my skin. Have you ever tried using a baking soda/water mixture to wash your hair? I have incredibly dry, curly hair and use 1 TBS baking soda to 1 cup water to wash my hair every other or every 2 days. Doing it less often but with a slightly stronger mixture might be a good clarifying routine for you perhaps?

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      I haven’t, but in all honesty, home-made beauty products kind of give me the eeby jeebies. like I don’t trust myself to do it right, and I never tend to like the texture of whatever it is…so I kinda just stick to the store-bought stuff. I know it’s wasteful but otherwise I wouldn’t use it!

      • Alexandra

        Haha! No I know exactly what you mean! I love making my own things, but when I see a beautiful bottle of something at Sephora or TJ Maxx (my downfall when it comes to gorgeously wrapped soaps and lotions) I just can’t resist.

  • Kate

    Not only does your blog have an awesome name, but it is full of great info and beauty products too.  Love it! :)

  • Kate

    Not only has your blog got a brilliant name, but the content is fantastic too.  Great beauty site! :)

  • Rebecca Tabb

    Don’t feel bad about the working thing. My husband used to work 8a-10p and he was absolutely a zombie when he got home. You’re doing great!

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      Wow, 8 to 10? That’s crazy! On an everyday basis? My husband sometimes works for days at a time, but….he’s in orthopedics. They’re machines. 

  • Stacy

    I love that BB cream, it rocks…I also use the L’Oreal youth code BB cream ~drug store which is ok too.  I just found you and have been wanting that purse :(…maybe next time

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      Welcome, Stacy!

  • ElleB

    I’ve had the Dr. Jart BB Cream, black label, for a few weeks now, and it’s starting to replace my ol’ standby daily foundation.  I love the way it feels, and it covers without being heavy or too foundation-y.  And yes, I have skin on the pale end of the spectrum, so when the Sephora associate recommended it to me and said that it was one color, I was sceptical.  And I’m glad my suspicions were wrong.

    The only issue that I’ve had is the pump, which I love, but sometimes, it “spits” the cream (right onto my clothes).  So, I’ve learned to work arond that because I love the product.  And, of course, the pump could just be a faulty one on my bottle.

    Thank you, Kristina, for the Sephora haul video.  I live about an hour away from the closest Sephora to me, and I’ve been wanting to go and look for some new colors for a while.  So glad you demonstrated the YSL blush. 

    Have a great day, and yes, keep the videos coming!  :)  TFJ.

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      I’ve been using the bb cream myself every day since I bought it. I like it! I do feel my skin tends to get oily despite being touted as good for oily skin…my face is virtually resistant to all oil-banishing products.

  • Jenniferjadeholmes

    I use a daily clarifying shampoo by Neil & wolf and love it, you should try it x

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      I’ll have to check that out!

  • Angela Fritz

    I rarely (if ever?) comment on your posts, but  I do like to see them :) I happen to have fallen by the wayside when it comes to makeup, moisturizing, basically anything that requires me to pay attention to my skin. I could blame it on my kids, but really, I just sort of … I don’t know. Stopped caring. But I shouldn’t. My poor skin needs help. You inspire me to care again. ANYWAY. I do happen to know entirely too much about shampoos and moisture masks and all of these things because I do crazy things to my hair and my stylist then schools me/chastises me when I go crying for help. That clarifying shampoo is definitely not a daily deal. I think I remember your hair being pretty fine in college, so really, I think you’d be fine with like a bi-weekly clarifying shampoo.  It does make your hair feel a lot less weighed down and gunky-junky. Your cut looks really good! :) tfj!

  • Karen Scott

    The last 2 or 3 foundations I’ve tried have been because your blog/videos. I’m not sure how to comment on Youtube (I don’t think I have a password to log in.) but I love, love, love the recommendations, and that you give the exact colors and product names. Because of you, I bought the Dr. Jart black label BB cream and love it. I am in my 40’s, and not only applies easily, but it wears really well. t’s like have a personal shopper. Thank you so much!

    P.S.  My 14 year old wants to be an Anesthesiologist. I wish you two could have coffee. (Yes, he loves coffee too!) And when he was younger, he would buy me make-up at Nordies.  The sales gals would be so charmed they would load him up with samples.

  • Ly Do

    OMG sending you an e-mail now! Thanks so much!!

  • Ly Do

    Did another person already claimed this as me? I thought this was my post. I signed in through facebook with my picture.

    • Pretty Shiny Sparkly™

      It appears somebody did think they won, but their email didn’t match up. I’m in the process of verifying. I see your facebook profile was used on the winning comment, I’m adding you as a friend, message me your address there, that way I can be sure it is you.

  • scunningham

    congratulations to the winner! best wishes! xo

  • Bright

    Oh, Sephora, how I wish they’d come to London ASAP. I’m so intrigued by BB creams. Everyone and their mama keeps raving about them to me but I’m so unsure. I use a tinted moisturiser right now but I like to make sure I’ve got something with SPF and I’ve never seen a BB that advertises that!

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  • Amy

    I’ve never heard of that YSL blush before– have to try that out sometime. And I love my Dr. Jart’s BB cream, but the black one I haven’t tried before, either– need to pick that up when I go back to that States… already have a wishlist. I so miss Sephora.

  • Melisa Nicole

    Love this video! I’m such a Sephora addict that I can never leave with just one thing.
    I actually just got that Dr. Jart Black in my February Birchbox and loved it! I’ve been using Smashbox but it’s just a little too thick for my taste. I’ll definitely be picking up the Dr. Jart version as soon as I finish my other bottle.


  • Mukta Mahmud

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