Shark Bite

Dress- Forever 21 | Jacket- BB DAKOTA | Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal | Bag- Mulberry Alexa c/o LuisaViaRoma | Sunglasses- Ray-Ban Aviators | Jewelry- Tiffany & Co., Michael Kors

I am absolutely obsessed with these amazing new Jeffrey Campbells I acquired via Nasty Gal last week. They are reminiscent of Theysken’s Theory in their colossal pointy-toe ankle-strap awesomeness, but they have these bite marks in them that could verifiably hurt as much as the shark bite they invoke, but they don’t hurt because your feet are protected by a sturdy bit of malleable clear plastic. Ohmygosh I love them.

One thing you definitely won’t see that often on PSS is me baring my legs – as a shorty (5’2″) I’m not a fan of my stems, and hardly think of them as dainty. But when I put on these shoes, let me tell you…

Ladies, if you are self conscious about your legs, do as Auntie Kristina did, and:

  1. apply self-tanner, then
  2. immediately regret the orange knee idea, then
  3. slap on these platforms and you will seriously feel amazing.

It’s something about the shoes. And the fact that I no longer look quite so ghost-like.

Hair tutorial via Wendy

Dress- Forever 21 | Jacket- BB DAKOTA | Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal | Bag- Mulberry Alexa c/o LuisaViaRoma | Sunglasses- Ray-Ban Aviators | Jewelry- Tiffany & Co., Michael Kors

You can purchase your own pair at Nasty Gal, my friends. Get bitten, you so won’t regret it!


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    I love these shoes!! I always fear a really high wedge what kind of tips do you have for wearing and balancing in shoes like these? Also are these comfortable on a scale of 1-10 how would you grade them? See it really is funny I have skinny longer limbs (also a shortie but my limbs are really long looking) and I absolutely love the shape of your legs.

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      I guess we always want what we don’t have, right asia?

      These are very easy to walk in if you have worn platform heels before. I was pleasantly surprised. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being very comfortable, I would rate these about a 5. I’ve had some pretty darn uncomfortable shoes in the past, but I was able to walk around in these for quite a while without blisters or any sharp pains. However, I rated them a 5 because a 10 to me would be like bunny slippers. :) Hope that helps!

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    great shoes! and a wonderful outfit!
    I’m very cautious with self-tanner, well let’s say I’ve not yet found the perfect one…
    xxx Anita

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      Okay Anita, yesterday I was determined not to give up the orange-glo fight–I went to sephora and bought this:

      and it’s amazing! put the tanner on last night and today woke up with NO orangey spots, just a beautiful, natural looking tan! I’m so happy!

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    I already saw this on instagram, but I have these babies and I love them so much! I hot them a few months ago, but noticed Theyskins Theories on blogger Jazzi a little while ago and was happy to own something so similar. Love this post..keep up the great work!

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      Aw thank you Neris! That is so sweet of you to say – I hate my legs but I’m glad you love this look! I loved the outfit too and want to repeat it again! LOL

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    Wonderful pictures as always :) The shoes look fabulous and I love the colour. Also loving the hair photograph, will be giving that a go! Thankyou for being brave and baring your legs, although I do think it’s way too cold to do that here in the UK at the moment! :)

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    I’ve never loved my legs either. Although I’m 5’8″, I’m also pear shaped so they’ve long been my least favorite body part. So, maybe I need to get these shoes – they DO look quite fantastic on you! :)

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      You and me both sister. But seriously, after I took these photos, the next day I went to Sephora and bought this ah-mazing sunless tanner, and now, no orange spots! And my legs look slimmer! so that with the shoes = good legs. Not great legs, but finally at least good ones. :) Here’s the sunless tanner that has changed my life in the last 48 hours:

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    Love this, Kristina! I’m typically not a Jeffrey Campbell fan (yeah, probably the only one), but I love this shoe! Maybe it’s because it’s a bit daintier, and I love patent in any color . Fun hair, too–my hair is finally long enough to try some funky updos, so this one is now on my list.

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      I completely agree with you Jenni re: JC. This is kind of a departure because they are more feminine and demure…but still have that fierceness with the cut out details. I’m a big fan of Jeffrey Campbell and I loved this shoe, so I guess he won over both sides of the camp with this one!

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    Looking good girl! And can I make a request for your next vlog – how to apply self tanner. I’ve always wanted to do this but am super scared of the orange knees you mentioned. Need your guidance! =)

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    Gorgeous hair, and love this outfit! Have to admit that I’m not sure how I feel about these shoes… partly because I just can’t picture myself wearing them… however, I absolutely LOVE you in this dress/jacket combo. I also don’t wear skirts too often but have on up on the blog today (knee-length, though!). Happy Monday.

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    I hate to sound like a random poster, but I actually found your blog through Instagram! This post is actually something I totally relate to! (1) I’m a 5’2″ gal, (2) I don’t necessarily like exposing my gams since I’m pale (and petite) and (3) I don’t have a lot of fab heels/wedges to show off.

    I saw those same JC wedges online but am tempted after seeing them here. =) The color and the design are so appealing!

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    I too am pale, pale, pale. I found a spray tan place where they use an organic, sugar compound that goes on clear and then it intensifies until you shower. It’s very cool because when you’re “tan enough” you can just hop in the shower and it stops”tanning” but you stay tan for about 8 days! It’s not sticky at all either.

    Shoes: want & need them.

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    Kristina, you look amazing! You have no need to fear bearing your legs sweetie. AND – BY THE WAY – THOSE SHOES ARE BEYOND, BEYOND AMAZING! I’m in love them! I love how you paired your dress w/ your jacket from your “Sgt. Pepper” post and pair it withe the shoes. Very cool my dear! :)


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