Small & White, Clean & Bright

The home of Style at Home design editor Ann Marie Favot.

You know, sometimes PSS isn’t all about fashion. Anything pretty, shiny, or sparkly goes–and when it comes to intelligent use of white & neutrality in home design, I’m a complete sucker. I could stare at these photos for hours.

I already feel relaxed. Don’t you? Aaahhhhhhhh…..

photos from style at home


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    So pure and relaxing. My interior's are very openly spaced. I need to have air to think. Let my inspirations run wild. Dream about Chanel, for example…

    Have a sweet vanilla scented week!

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    You know I agree whole-heartedly. Love the neutrals. And that bedroom?!? Perfection.

    BTW, my 14 yr. old daughter loves this site. I told her to make sure and leave a comment when she stops by. Her name is Hope. She’s trying to steal my laptop away as I type!

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      I saw it! I wondered why your email/site had posted as Hope, and cursed my site for again munching up a comment and spitting out the wrong person (it has done this before).

      But now, I'm thrilled! I replied to her, tell her to go check it out. :) And to come back more often. (You too, y'know!)

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    I always think one day I will be clean enough to have a all white clean beautiful room… but I know with my luck when that day comes I'll find out I'm pregnant!


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    OMG I love this blog. I am into fashion and home and all that this blog has!! I am so glad I found you!! YAY I came over from blog frog and I will be following you now!!


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