Splurge or Steal: Mason Pearson Dupe



For a long time I’ve coveted the mind-bogglingly-expensive boar bristle brushes by Mason Pearson that they experts reportedly tout as the “best brushes on earth” — but couldn’t afford the whopping price tag (It’s in the hundreds, people! For a brush!). Then I found this brush online, took a chance, and within days it was on my doorstep (thanks, Amazon Prime!). The appearances are startlingly similar, but the Denman brush costs less than 10% the price of a Mason Pearson. Now, am I saying this will last you ages? Probably not. But if you want the feel and function of a boar bristle brush (whose bristles, by the way, help redistribute the hair’s natural oils from the scalp to the ends of your hair), then give this one a go. Definitely my new favorite brush!

By the way, the Denman brushes have real boar bristles, too. Just like Mason Pearson.

Compare Mason Pearson brushes here. Buy the Denman D81M medium brush here.


  1. says

    My gosh, $190 for a brush?!! Good dupe. I’ve been looking for a good paddle brush for blow drying my hair and have yet to find one that I like. I’ve melted through a couple of brushes lately. So, I might try out the Denman.

  2. Christie Scuka Lawrence says

    I have a purse sized MP brush I got on sale. It’s works great on my fine, crappy hair. The price is crazy, though, on the larger sized one.

  3. Heidi says

    Holy goodness! People spend hundreds of dollars on brushes? I did not know that was a real thing. I almost flipped my lid when a friend recommended a $60 brush at one point in time. I don’t think I can justify much on hair brushes because I hardly brush my hair (hangs head in shame). Thank goodness you found yourself a dupe because that splurge is just crazy!


  4. Amanda says

    Another good dupe is the Sonia Kashuk hair brush from Target! I didn’t realize people spent THAT MUCH on brushes until earlier this year… I went down the rabbit hole and started looking for dupes to the MP and came across the Sonia Kashuk one. LOVE IT! I have fine hair that I used to have to wash every day… I really credit this brush with helping me skip shampoos thanks to its oil redistributing goodness. Sometimes I even make it to day THREE hair with a little help from my dry shampoo ;) http://www.target.com/p/sonia-kashuk-hair-brush/-/A-10563302

  5. says

    I’ve been using a Denman for ages and they’re amazing. I need to comb first as my hair is so thick the boar bristles won’t go all the way through, but for smoothing the top layer to tame frizz they’re fantastic.

  6. Mindi@ablueskylife.com says

    Thank you for this! I’ve been coveting a Mason Pearson brush for YEARS but just can’t justify the price. I’ve even wondered if I could find a pre-owned one but ewwww. I will be trying a Denman instead.

  7. Blabigail says

    You can get a Denmar with nylon bristles, which won’t be as good as the boar ones used by the Mason Pearson, but there are now also boar bristle Denmar brushes! Though these aren’t handmade, they’re probably just as good as the Pearsons!

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