My Evening Skincare Routine


As promised, I wanted to share the second part of my series on my current skincare regimen. I also shared my morning skincare routine in a previous post, so do feel free to check that out as well. Personally, I feel that one’s evening skincare routine is the most important of the two cleansing rituals. One needs to make sure you get all the makeup and grime of the day off of the face, and then it’s what one does with it afterwards that truly counts. Now, this will be different based on skin type and the problem areas involved.Read & Comment →

My Morning Skincare Routine

My morning skincare routine video

With today’s post comes a highly requested video – my skincare routine! I decided to break it down into a two-parter, to make it easier to digest. I know my videos can tend to get a bit long otherwise! Keep an eye out for my evening skincare routine, coming up next. Click to watch the video after the jump!Read & Comment →