LUSH Haul Video

I had a little too much fun at my local LUSH store this weekend. For the uninitiated, LUSH is a handmade bath and body product company. Everything is made fresh (and thus, has an expiration date). You even can see who made your particular product for you! What did you do this weekend?

My Morning Skincare Routine

My morning skincare routine video

With today’s post comes a highly requested video – my skincare routine! I decided to break it down into a two-parter, to make it easier to digest. I know my videos can tend to get a bit long otherwise! Keep an eye out for my evening skincare routine, coming up next. Click to watch the video after the jump!Read & Comment →

No-Makeup Look Makeup Tutorial

I have decided once more to venture out into the world of makeup tutorials! Please excuse the bare face, I’m envisioning a banshee scream every time each of you watches this video–try not to be too terrified, ‘kay? For a list of the products used and links to purchase them, please see the description bar here.

Also, my husband just told me that once we reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, he will make his debut in a video, attempting to do a full face of makeup on me, in the ever-hilarious “Boyfriend/Husband Does My Makeup” tag video! So spread the word! I know you’ll definitely want to see this cowboy-boot-wearin’, beard-sporting, manly-man put makeup on his wife’s face.

Mini Haul Video & TV Segment

Hey y’all, sorry for the sparse updating – lots of posts under-way and I promise to sit down and edit them all very soon for you! In the meantime, hope you enjoy a little mini-haul from Trader Joe’s (beauty section), as well as some lovely products sent to me by TheBalm and Azature! Let me know if you’d like to see more mini-hauls from time to time! They’re pretty manageable so I think I can squeeze these in if you like them, on days when I don’t have time for an outfit post! (On that note, I have two outfit posts waiting in the wings, so YES I’m still doing style posts, haha!) Please subscribe to my YouTube videos. Click on to see my TV segment after the jump!Read & Comment →

Haul: Forever 21, AE & More


I really love doing videos for you guys, and with my husband and I’s schedules, we are often like passing ships in the night, so outfit posts are harder to shoot these days. And this darned daylight savings time certainly isn’t helping! I hope you guys like videos, because I’m really enjoying making them. I’ve recently become an official YouTube Partner, yay! Please subscribe to my channel.Read & Comment →

My Malibu Test Drive

For the past week I’ve had the great privilege and pleasure of test-driving the all-new 2013 Chevy Malibu. As I mentioned before, it’s an amazing vehicle. It’s so smart, that when I would place a call through its built-in Bluetooth to someone, say, my mom–it would automatically decrease the fan speed of the A/C so that we could hear each other better. So smart!

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August Beauty & Fashion Favorites

It’s the beginning of September and you know what that means — time for another beauty/fashion favorites video! This is where I tell you each month about the products I’ve been loving, using, and relying on the previous month. Enjoy!

For mobile users, the video can also be watched here! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun beauty & fashion fun.Read & Comment →

Birthday Haul

For my birthday this year I didn’t want any gifts or festivities – just a quiet dinner at one of my favorite special-occasion restaurants with HB, and happily that’s exactly what I got. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t buy myself a new lipstick or two…

For the list of products and where to purchase, click here, and don’t forget to subscribe to my videos (it’s free)! Thank you for all of your very sweet birthday wishes, they totally made my day! xo

March Favorites

It’s time for my monthly favorites! I feel bad having skipped last month (or did I? I forget) but all that means I’m back with a handful of favorite things I’ve been loving! P.S. did you enjoy yesterday’s April Fools joke? I hope you did! My dad and I enjoyed making it for you all. :) Be sure to check out last year’s April Fools as well–it’s one of my favorites. Click on to see what products I mentioned and where to purchase!Read & Comment →