The Fashionista Computer

Dear, sweet biscuits!

This fashion clutch computer called the “Sonel” by Lovely&Co is gorgeous. Check out the TRACKPAD! I could really see this being wonderful for air travel, watching movies, etc. It measures only 250mm x 120mm, according to Lovely&Co.

I’d even just take the clutch without the computer attached! Sadly, it’s only a concept at this point. Leave a comment if you like it, and I’ll pass on the feedback to the creators! Maybe this way we can help drum up support for its creation.

iPad who?

ports are exposed to for convenience or headphone use

according to lovely&co, you can leave the cover on while watching movies so as not to be "visually disturbed" by the keyboard. speakers still show for obvious reasons.

the leather square? it's the trackpad. genius.

i for one am in love. ipad, who?

imagine watching the runway streamed live on this beauty. I DIE

images via Lovely&Co

Remember to leave a comment if you want this computer to be produced, and tweet/facebook it using the buttons below to spread the wonderful word!


  1. says

    Uhh.. SEXY!!!

    They look amazing, but I’m not sure if I’d buy one. Depends on the final price. Plus, I’m probably enough of a fashionista.

  2. says

    Well, it’d have to be just as good as an Asus netbook if not better.
    It’s very cute, but these things always cost an arm and a couple of legs….just for the cuteness. Now, if it was only say $100 more….maybe…maybe….even then I’d have to wait for a good sale like we did for the netbook. Gotta love the 8 hr battery & expandable memory and other features.

  3. says

    omg i love this and wish it was available NOW! i will be watching for a followup post when this actually comes on the market.
    what a fabulous idea!

  4. says

    Looks amazing although I’d imagine it would overheat and have a tiny battery life because of it. But when fashion starts being more about function than form it stops being fashion I guess.

  5. parclair says

    Want. If it put together my droid phone and convert all my palm apps I could replace 2 things at once, in a much more attractive and useable form!!!!

  6. Inness says

    I’m in the market for a netbook and I wish this were already available! It’s a gorgeous concept. Just remind them not to skimp on the COMPUTER elements–style without function is useless.


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