The One Where She Wore Motorcycle Boots

Outfit 3/18/10

Outfit 3/18/10

Outfit 3/18/10 Outfit 3/18/10

Outfit 3/18/10

Outfit 3/18/10

On my way to class to take a see-how-badly-you-fail-this-standardized-exam which will be five hours long.

Five. Hours. Long.

I’m going to have to pee. And then my stomach is going to growl. I just know it.

But I’m happy because Shop Bop sent me these gorgeous Frye Engineer boots and today is the first day I am wearing them! I already own a pair of Frye Campus 14’s in Banana (don’t ask…I actually regret the color choice immensely) and I just love the brand. They made boots for soldiers in the Civil War and they’re just so comfortable. They do take some breaking in though, so I made sure to put on my thickest pair of socks this morning (they happen to be an atrocious leopard print).

I went with skinny jeans so I could show them off and not keep them hidden under boot leg jeans, but they’ll work great with any style. I want to try them with some rolled-up boyfriend jeans next! Looking at these pictures I realize how androgenous I look today but…oh well! I’ll just pretend I’m Katherine Hepburn. I did put on soft, pink makeup to offset the slightly masculine outfit. And I added a rose necklace. Wee!

This is the first time I have posted an outfit. What do you think? Give up now while I can still save face, or keep trying?


  1. Trianna says

    I love the jeans, boots and rose necklace. I agree that the outfit looks sort of androgenous though. I vote keep trying its a great beginning.

  2. says

    interesting new combo … but u know how to sport it well, girl!!! ;)
    btw, for five hour exams … bring a protein bar. not the tastiest thing but will get u through the day (or in this case test)~

  3. says

    Love the boots!! Gorgeous. I also adore that you added that sweet rose necklace! Great mix! Hope the boots brought you luck on your exam….5 hours…eeek!

  4. Cristina says

    I actually really like this outfit! The boots are amazing – and are a celeb favorite – and I think everything goes together really well! I’m jealous, those shoes are incredible!

  5. says

    I need those boots! My mom had fryes from her “hippie days” that were the tall banana colored campus style. Growing up I wanted them so badly but they were her “youth” and I was banned. haha. cute outfit.

  6. says

    Great great blog-love the clean layout! Came across your blog through IFB; you've totally got a new follower.

    And yes, continue with the outfit posts. It's always good to see the person behind the blog.


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