The Secrets to Successful Fashion Blogging

What makes a great fashion blog? Is it design? Is it content? Is it reader interaction? Chances are, you’ve come across this guide looking for answers. Answers to questions you may not have even thought to ask. There are tons of fabulous guides to fashion blogging out there (IFB is a great resource, as is this one). This guide’s goal is to bring up the subtle features of good, proper fashion blogging that I have picked up, not just over my time as a fashion blogger, but also my extensive years of experience as a web designer and photographer: two elements that go hand in hand when it comes to fashion blogging. In case you were wondering, the answer to that first question is: all three.

{ I’m so proud. Can you tell? }

Table of Contents

  1. WordPress vs. Blogger
  2. Migrating to WordPress
  4. FAQ
  5. Contact Forms
  6. Prettify Your Archives
  7. Reward Your Commenters
  8. Reward Your Best Posts
  9. Thank First-Timers
  10. Speed It Up
  11. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize
  12. Music

WordPress vs. Blogger

If you’re considering starting a blog, or even if you already own a blog, chances are you’ve debated which of the myriad blogging platforms to use. Each has its pros and cons, and what you end up choosing, I hate to say, you will never be 100% satisfied. But hopefully my experience with both of the major platforms will help you decide which route suits you better. The king of the blogging platforms is undoubtedly Blogger. It is the most widely used blogging platform on the internet today, and is vastly user-friendlier than it was even just two or three years ago. WordPress comes in at a distant second in terms of sheer numbers, but those who use it (and I do) swear by it. Tumblr is a different type of blogging medium—so different, in fact, that many bloggers who use Blogger or WordPress also have a Tumblr. It will not be detailed in this guide. See this section for details on how to migrate from Tumblr to WordPress.

Blogger WordPress
Cost Free Free
Templates Yes Yes
Support Forums & Knowledgebase Forums & Knowledgebase
Plugins No Yes (Thousands)
Commenting Yes* Yes*
Hosting Free Free ( or Self-Hosted (
Sponsor Ads Allowed Only on self-hosted blogs

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support CommunityAnother benefit to using WordPress is that only on WordPress can you find the amazing, powerful, Thesis Theme by DIYThemes. It’s super easy to get started off the bat, with a nice clean look. But it’s also incredibly powerful if you are comfortable with WordPress hooks, filters, and PHP. (But it’s totally unnecessary to use 99% of Thesis to its full advantage.)

A word about the commenting systems on WordPress and Blogger

Blogger’s commenting system is built-in, but the spam control is clunky and a pain in the you-know-what for legit commenters (involving a captcha system that requires 2-3 page loads to complete & submit your comment). While WordPress is infinitely superior regarding spam protection (thanks to the power of Akismet), I do feel it lacking in the sense that your first visit to a WordPress site requires you to type in your name & contact details. This is saved (via a cookie) for subsequent visits, but on any Blogger blog you simply use your Google account login and if you’re already signed in, all you do is type your comment, the captcha, and submit. I think they are essentially evened-out regarding these two issues. Personally, I prefer WordPress commenting due to its speed (and I use a comment form filling plugin that helps with the first-time visit issues).

The bottom line…

If you would sacrifice ease-of-use and ease-of-setup over the ability to customize and design a powerful blog that meets all of your needs as you expand and grow, I would suggest Blogger. If you want the endless capabilities of a super powered CMS (Content Management System) but also dealing with all the risk that comes with such power (you can do a whole lot of damage if you don’t know what you’re doing) I highly recommend WordPress. (PSS runs on WordPress so you can see the bias in my opinion!) For a happy medium between these two, try – it’s just as easy to set up as Blogger, is free, there’s a whole host of support features and plugins – there’s really no downside to it! One major pitfall, however, is that ads/sponsorship is not allowed on blogs. This can be a major deterrent for those starting off looking for sponsors. Personally, I say go with WordPress. The possibilities are so endless and wonderful, they are too numerous to describe here. But just to give you a taste, here are a few things I can do with my blog on WordPress that I couldn’tdo with Blogger: create beautiful archives pages, host unlimited amounts of photos & files (thanks to my awesome webhost), customize the appearance of comments, “cache” my site to make it super fast, create contact forms on the fly thanks to one of WordPress’s thousands of plugins, and host my own completely automated advertising software for my sponsors.

Migrating to WordPress from Blogger or Tumblr

WordPress makes it super easy to migrate from almost any type of blog. Already using Blogger? Dying to switch? You can import your Blogger blog straight into WordPress (because WordPress is awesome). Using Tumblr? This tool or this updated versionmight be of use to you (it worked for me!).


Comments are, in my opinion, what definea blog. It’s two-way, it’s feedback, it’s support, it’s advice, it’s…wonderful. So please don’t take it for granted. Commenting on other blogs can be a great way to build friendships – so don’t snow every single fashion blog with pointless, redundant, non-contributory comments like “nice dress” or “love your blog” and include your blog link hoping for some traffic. I add blogs to my blogroll that are well designed, have GREAT content, and more often than not, have commented on my blog in a meaningful and consistent way. It shows me they really care, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know them. I am more likely to reciprocate with comments on their blog, as well.

I believe that comments are a measure of engagement…what better way to show that then to reply to your commenters?

Another great habit to start: reply to your comments. I try to reply to every single comment I receive. And, to help prevent redundancy when being asked a particular question (say, what kind of lipstick I’m wearing in a particular outfit post), I reply in-line. That’s what makes commenting systems that support “threading” so wonderful – you can see the conversation as it was meant to be seen, replies and all. If you have Blogger, this won’t work (sorry). So, I recommend installing Disqus. It works on all blogging platforms, can import your comments automatically (and export them to your original platform as well, for safe-keeping in case you ever uninstall it), and it supports logins from Twitter and Facebook. As an added bonus: comment numbers go up! Purists may nay-say this, but I believe that comments are a measure of engagement, and what better way to show how engaging you are with your readers (and they are with you) than to include your replies as a comment?! It’s madness not to, in my opinion. Recommended WordPress plugin(s): Disqus, Intense Debate

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Say you’ve become very popular. Congrats! You probably get asked via comments or email the same series of repetitive questions. Time to create a Frequently Asked Questions page! You can do this in Blogger or WordPress alike, just make sure your frequently asked question is formatted in a different style than your answer. For example, something like this:

Here is my frequently asked question? Here is my reply. Here is my reply. Here is my reply. Here is my reply. Here is my reply.

You can also use Formspringas a way to question-and-answer with readers. They even allow anonymous questions, which can get lively conversations going…trust me.

Contact Forms – A Must!

Contact forms are so much betterthan an email address. Why? Take it from me: once you do get large enough in the blogging public eye, PR firms may take notice. They may take notice and harvest your email address without warning. They may never send you a personal, one-to-one email—they may instead just add you to a mass email (“blast”) list that you have no method of getting out of. This gets annoying, trust me. But it’s more than just PR madness; it’s about usability. Nothing annoys me more than seeing a plain text email address in a sidebar that is unlinked. Grr! So that means, to email you, I have to highlight, copy your email address, go open my email client of choice, and paste it in? No thanks.

Nothing annoys me more than seeing a plain text email address in a sidebar that is unlinked.

On my website, you just hit contact, fill in your details, type your message, and press send. And I never revealed my email address to you (unless I reply). Some may find contact forms less personal, but I relish them. I would rather type my message to you than open separate tabs or applications just to get my message on its way. Plus, there is that additional layer of privacy regarding your email address. Anything that cuts back on spam is a yay! in my book. Recommended WordPress plugin: Contact Form 7

Pretty Up Your Archives Page

Folks, can we please do away with the drop-down menus of all the months you’ve ever blogged? This is so irritating. If there is a way (and I’m honestly not sure if Blogger has anything other than this) to cleanly, beautifully organize your archives, please do it. Just one year of blogging had me at 295 posts, 21 pages, 44 categories, and 13 tags. Some blog more than once a day and may amass 1000’s of posts in one year. This is nuts! Treat your archives like your closet: organize, clean up, condense, and make it easy to spot things at a glance. I’ve been using a wonderful little plugin to solve my archive organization woes called “Smart Archives Reloaded”. It’s completely configurable, and I use the “fancy” option to display lists of posts by month & year, and it’s really nifty. Check it out in action here. Recommended WordPress plugin: Smart Archives Reloaded

Reward Commenters

So you’ve got people interacting in the form of comments – how to sustain that? How to reward them for taking the time out of their day to send you a little note? There are many ways of doing this: one of my favorites I’ve seen is Profresh Style’s “Reader Appreciation” series in which one day a week she takes the time out to highlight her favorite comments in a separate, dedicated post. The commenter (most often a blogger who no doubt would appreciate the shout-out and link) gets a little pat on the back and possibly some new followers. In turn,  readers themselves want to be considered for the appreciation post, and they leave more (quantity) comments which are more engaging (quality). This is a fantastic method, and one I’m thinking of implementing in a similar fashion. Another way to reward commenters is to maximize the visibility of their blog links. Try including a widget of “Recent Comments” if possible. Also, install the CommentLuvplugin, which automatically pulls the commenter’s latest post from their blog and inserts it into the comment body (without nofollow tags, which gives them some link juice!).

Reward Your Best Posts

Why not highlight (and show potential sponsors) the posts that got you the most feedback (comments)? In doing so you can show the extent of your engagement on the blog, and you can give new visitors a primer on the crème-de-la-crème content on your blog.

Thank First-Timers

Another feature I’ve used here and there on Pretty Shiny Sparkly is a system that sends a quick thank-you note to first-time commenters. This is powered by a plugin for WordPress called Comment Relish. I think it’s extremely useful, but do wish the messages were a bit more customizable with html and such, but I like it, especially since it reminds one-timers of your blog, may increase pageviews as they revisit, and it’s just good manners. Unfortunately, this little plugin has been known to put strain on your web hosts. But there is a workaround: search your commenter’s email address in your comments section of your blogging platform. If they’re a newbie, shoot them a quick thank you email letting them know how much you enjoyed their feedback. Nothing says I love you like a personal thank you note. Recommended WordPress plugin: Comment Relish (use at your own risk)

Increase Pageviews, Decrease Loading Times

Guys, this should be a no-brainer, yet I never see it implemented on fashion blogs. Blog home pages (“index pages”) can be so long, so cumbersome, and especially on fashion blogs, so looooooongto load.

If your blog is slow, this is not good.

All too often, I’ve visited blogs (psst…Blogger in particular is notoriously slow) that took so long to load, I just hit the back button and went on my merry way elsewhere. If this is your blog, this is not good. Generally, site pages need to load in under 15 seconds before people will give up on you. You can thank broadband and our worldwide instant-gratification culture for that. So, optimize your loading times. On PSS, I implement the use of excerpts on my index pages. That means that readers get a) faster load times, b) the ability to quickly scroll through my content and scan for any posts they may have missed, and I get: doubled pageviews. This is huge, guys. Increased pageviews show increased interaction, which looks great in stats (and is not inflationary), and decreases “bounce rate” statistics, which also looks great in stats. Nothing about this is artificial. In fact, it’s helping you show in your stats the true interaction you actually have! Some people are fast blog readers. They can scan a page and read a post, without commenting, in under a minute.

Excerpts help your stats tell the truth in a way that increases your numbers!

Then they’ll close the tab or hit the back button, continuing on their blog-reading spree, and in the meantime your stats program has just counted that legitimate visit as a “bounce”. “Bounce” rates measure the opposite of interaction, and a high bounce rate is viewed negatively. We don’t want that! So do yourself and your readers a favor, and implement excerpts. WordPress makes this easy with the use of the <!–more –> tag, just click the “more” button wherever you want the exercpt to end. In Blogger, just follow these easy steps!

Optimize Photos & Graphics

Wherever possible, use Photoshop or some other photo-editing tool to optimize your images for the web. In Photoshop you should save ALL photos (especially those for outfit posts, etc) by going to File→Save for Web & Devices… There, a window will pop up with a very intimidating array of preferences and things to choose from. Fear not. Select “Jpeg” from the top right menu list (which also includes GIF, PNG-8, PNG24, etc). Select the quality that best portrays what you want to show but at the lowest level possible. For me, and for outfit posts, I recommend a quality of 65. For your blog header, this may be even less, since you want that to load fast. Also, check the “Optimized” checkbox. You don’t need them to be progressive (where they load blurry and slowly get sharper) or embed the color profile, so leave these unchecked. For template/theme images that do not contain photos, I recommend PNG’s. They’re smaller than JPEG’s when used correctly, and that’s the main advantage. You can even make them have transparent backgrounds. Ignore the rest of the settings in the “Save for Web” panel. Don’t worry about blur, matte, or color management. Hit save, and you’re done! This will vastly decrease loading times for your posts if your posts are, like most fashion bloggers, image-heavy.

Music On Your Blog

If it’s on autoplay…please don’t. Some of us browse blogs at work (ahem) and we’d rather not blast Creed or Katy Perry accidentally while our boss is around. If you mustshare your music, do so tastefully with a jukebox player that we can choose to press play on our own accord.

More to Come

This guide will be continuously added on to when inspiration strikes, so be sure to bookmark and check back often! Better, yet grab the button and link it in your blog to share this knowledge with others, and to avoid having to comb through your browser’s massive list of bookmarks:

Requests? Corrections? Comments?

I’d love to know what you think, how this guide may have helped you, or any requests or tutorials you may have. Photoshop and photo editing tutorials will be in a separate guide in the future (or in individual blog posts, not entirely sorted on that yet), but all other requests are welcome: just leave it in a comment below!

Tip Your Waitress…Share This Post!

If you enjoyed this resource guide, please feel free to spread the wealth of knowledge by using your favorite social media to share. Or, you can be super cool and embed the button (code above) into your own blog’s sidebar!

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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      Anika – you brought up a really good point. I did a little research and unfortunately Google Friend Connect cannot be installed on blogs. I believe has its own following system in place but i can't be sure. Thanks for that! As always, it can be installed on self-hosted wordpress blogs (.org)

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    THANK YOU for this post! I just started up a new blog and was afraid of plug-ins on my last one! This time around I used the contact form and made sure my email/twitter links are user friendly (I think!). I love that you have the buttons in three different sizes so bloggers can grab what works for them and not have to do any resizing (brilliant!). Would you mind sharing how I can add the text box with the code? I would love to add some to my sidebar! I am using and the gal that I had design my blog did a great job getting the "clean" look I asked for but I am having several issues (1. date is missing on one post and one post only-wth?, 2. background is grey on internet explorer (it's supposed to be white!), 3. isn't formatting properly on smartphones!) but I wanted the option to have ads in the future! So I would agree to use it at your own risk.pI am also new to google analytics so I had NO IDEA what a bounce rate was until now! I would absolutely love to hear what you think of my blog if you ever have the time =) Thanks again and I will DEF be back for the photoshop tutorial…I have had photoshop elements 8 for over a year and I can't figure it out for the life of me!!! xoxo

  • Fajr | Stylish Thoug

    This is Phenomenal! Thank you so much for all of your research, time and hard work! There are so many helpful tips and from one WordPress groupie to another: I couldn't function without WordPress. The endless plugin arsenal is enough to make any blogger blush!

    • Kristina

      I couldn't agree more re: plugin arsenal!

  • Christina of Profres

    This is such an awesome creation Kristina! It's well-articulated and executed beautifully. It showcases your talent in this blogging world and huge congratulations is in order on all that you've done here! Great going and catch wait to read more!



    PS. Thanks so much for including me on this! It's awesome and I'm so happy to be included!

    • Kristina

      You're so welcome, Christina!

  • Erica Macaranas

    VERY insightful and helpful!

    thanks so much for writing this guide!


  • Jane

    Thanks for this! I wouldn't call my blog a strictly fashion blog, but these tips were really useful all the same. I have been finding replying to comments on Blogger a little disorganised, so I'll definitely look into installing disqus.

    • Kristina

      Let me know how you like it!

  • Inge

    Thank you so much for this guide, the tips are very useful and they helped me a lot when I was starting up my blog!

  • Shen Dove

    This guide is so helpful and I definitely plan on implementing some of your advice, thanks for taking the time to create somthing like this!

    • Kristina

      You're absolutely welcome! Thanks for reading

  • Jenni

    This was SO incredibly helpful… and I'm not even a fashion blogger! Thanks for taking the time to offer up all these fab tips and tricks. I plan to implement several of them on my own blog!!

    You ROCK!! :)

    • Kristina

      You're right, a lot of these first tips apply to any bloggers, not just fashion bloggers. Feel free to spread the word (link it with a button or share with your readers!)

  • indiana

    This is a great resource for new bloggers! While I disagree on a few of your points (contact forms and Blogger spam vs. WordPress spam), this is a truly great post! Congrats on the mention.

    You should consider combining your future posts on this topic and sell an eBook for a few bucks. Why not? People would buy it, for sure!

    • Kristina

      It was definitely a thought when I was writing this!! In the end I didn't though because I felt people needed to first see what they were "getting". We'll see!!

      I'd love to hear your thoughts re: contact form and comment spam!

      • Indiana

        Re: contact form

        Oh, I used to have a contact form. I liked how it worked, how it looked, etc. I did not like that I was getting 500+ emails a week, with a large number of them simply saying, "I loved today's outfit!" or "I really like your blog!" I LOVE the people that visit my blog. Seriously. know everyone says that, but I truly mean it and make every effort that I can to meet as many in person as possible and to return every email within a week. But 500 emails a week?! Good gracious! I don't know how people keep up with that. My blog is not my full-time job. Oh, and I love email, but I was getting overwhelmed and my potential advertiser emails were getting lost in the mix. Since taking my contact form down, I get closer to 300 emails a week. It's still insane. It's still a lot, but taking away the ease of "click here" to contact me makes the emails I get a lot more focused. Sure the folks too shy to leave a comment can't shoot a sentence or two off to me as quickly, but it has given me more time to focus on the readership I do have.

        Re: comment spam on blogger

        My spam filter catches everything and I can add the feature "moderate if the post is XX days old". I've found that most spam bots try to leave messages on posts that are off my front page (more than seven days old), so for me, it hasn't been a problem at all. And I don't even have to use the hated CAPTCHAS.

        I am curious to use my option more often. So far, I don't have an issue with my bounce rates (and frankly, I only check my stats once/ month). When I have used it, I've found that my click over rate isn't very high. My photos aren't that stellar (yet!) and I think my readers do read my crazy text. I try to break up long chunks with photos. I HATE how long my load time is, but as I've said, some of my favorite blogs have loads and loads of photos on their posts without truncating it, so I feel okay doing the same. I'm very happy where my traffic is and really need to focus on the readers I have now (instead of getting more more more).

  • Danielle

    I love these tips – thank you so much for sharing them! I just started blogging a few months ago using and so far I've loved everything it has to offer.


  • Grit and Glamour

    INCREDIBLE!!! So, so, so proud of you!

    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    • Kristina

      Thanks V!

  • Gemma

    This is really great, think of swtiching to wordpress from blogger now!

    This applies to all bloggers and not just fashion bloggers, fab post.

    Thanks for sharing your tips


  • Emily

    AMAZING post!! I've just gone and implemented a page break for my most recent posts! Have been thinking about it for a while but this made me go and do it. You're now one of my "daily reads" :) Can't wait to read more! Thanks, again!

  • FashionEnthusiast

    WOW so much useful information! I actually found you through Grit and Glamour's twitter! I currently use tumblr and recently purchased a domain name to switch to WordPress. And since you seem really invested in WordPress, I was wondering if there were any suggestions on switching from Tumblr to WordPress. It breaks my heart to lose my work since April…

    Anyway, thanks for the great tips and I'll be checking in again- fantastic blog.



    • Kristina

      Never fear! There's an easy way to migrate from Tumblr to WordPress in a new section of this guide: here! Good luck and happy blogging!

  • Birdie

    I was looking at the photo

  • Birdie

    agh! I hit enter as I was trying to fix my link and that posted. Sorry!

    I was looking at your photo section – I personally use photoshop (or sometimes paint when I'm lazy) and was wondering if you had tips for that. I noticed my photos sometimes load slowly. :)



    • Kristina

      Try the optimize photos section. As for the rest of photography tips for fashion bloggers (etc) those will be in a separate guide soon (hopefully)!

  • Beautifully Invisibl

    This is absolutely amazing. Wow – thank you so much for taking the time to put this together!!

  • RosaLovesDC

    You have not idea how helpful this post is to me. I recently started contributing to a blog and though I had been commenting and making friends with other bloggers, I had no idea that so many things were involved in the process. However, I do enjoy blogging and hopefully some day I will have my own blog. But all your tips are incredibly valuable! Thanks!

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  • Cubicle Chic

    This is fantastic! You have put together such a well-written and informative guide. This is the kind of thing all new bloggers should check out. I know that when we were first starting up, important questions like Blogger vs. WordPress are difficult to figure out.

    Going to share on FB!

    – Meredith

  • Midnight Cowgirl

    This is so helpful! I'm seriously considering switching to WordPress.

    • Kristina

      The new Migrate to WordPress section should help you with that!

  • Leia

    This is an absolutely amazing post! Personally, I don't have any issue with Blogger. The spam filter is REALLY annoying, I agree, but you can easily just switch it off (I get spam, I just delete it). I find that Blogger can be great as long as you customise it properly; a lot of WordPress blogs look the same to me and apart from a different header, it's hard for me to differentiate between different blogs. But then again, WordPress has amazing plugins and I much prefer their commenting system! So it's definitely a trade-off, but I don't think I'll be switching any time soon.

    Thanks for all the phenomenal tips! xo

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  • Traci @ Corner of La

    Found you thru another blogger and I can't believe what I have been missing all this time. I only started blogging in November and am definately experiencing some trial and error issues so I really appreciate all the great tips and information you gave here. Keep up the awesome work. I will definately be back to see what other advice you have for us, both in fashion on blogging.

  • Gabriella

    I am new in the bloggging world since i started mine in October and still learning many things so I thank you for your insight. Sometimes it is good to readj little tips that might sound obvious but need to be refreshed in our mind. Will definitely continue following you for more tips.



  • Nicole {Niche White}

    Great tips! I'm actually getting ready to leave wordpress and launch a 'regular' dot com with SquareSpace, but I was still taking notes! I will be checking back for more… Thanks!

    • Kristina

      Yep, a lot of my tips can be implemented on other blogging platforms, not just wordpress! wordpress is just what I am most familiar with using, so I outline how to do it in WP for that reason. but it should be applicable to all!

  • LOLBeauty

    Im not a fashion blogger per say, more of a beauty blogger but this guide was still very helpful! I can't wait for the photography guide! I need all the help I can get with blogging photography.

  • Kayla

    What an awesome guide! I agree with everything that you mentioned, and learned a few tips along the way. I will certainly be posting this on my sidebar for others to access. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  • Krystle

    I think I have reviewed this post like 20x since you posted it!! haha!! I just LOVE it… I also added your button to my sidebar. I know I don't get as much traffic as some, but if anyone visits my site that doesn't know about this, they SHOULD!! :)

    • Kristina

      Thanks krystle! great job implementing those changes!

  • CamilleA

    Hi and thank you for this. Since I've decided to get it together and blog more often and turn my blogger blog into one that looks like a proper site. I've been trying to work out how to move to wordpress. So the insight is invaluable. You know your stuff – luckily for me :)

    I want to use my blog as a proper vehicle for my business (as I haven't before).

    So thanx again for the knowledge and inspiration.

    I am now a follower (not a stalker) :)

    CamilleA of Karma-Style

    • Kristina

      Stalk, follow…it's all good! ;)

  • Jaclyn

    This is incredible! I love reading how other bloggers make their sites something that they are proud of, it's such inspiration. I can't wait to go through everything and pick out some memorable points. Thank you so much for sharing all of the great tips!

    Definitely can't wait to read more from your blog :)

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  • Lucy

    Thanks for posting about this! This blog post not only helps me, but the many starters for fashion blogging. I like Blogger better, but have never experienced WordPress, so I can't really say. And I read this blog post word by word, which I don't normally do with long ones. Again, thanks for posting this!

    • Kristina

      I'm so glad you liked it, and thank you for your sweet words!

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  • Kristina

    Thanks for the tips!

    I did the disques-widget and also want to put the CommentLuv on my site :)

    M'm eager to lern more – so I will recome and see if you added stuff.


    Kristina =)

    • Kristina

      Thanks Kristina! And….it has to be said….GREAT NAME! ;-)

      • Kristina

        The best! ;)

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    I recently started a personal blog (not fashion related) and this guide is incredibly useful to me. The thoughts about the contact page and loading times in particular were concepts I hadn't really come across. Thank you so much for posting this and making it free.

  • Kristin

    What an amazing resource this is lady. You continue to floor me! xoxo

  • Lilly

    I'm so thrilled I just discovered this blog from Links a la Mode. Firstly, congrats on getting featured and secondly, these points are simply priceless and it was a good read. I'll definitely be implementing some of the things you've posted, so thank you!

  • Stylepint

    Thanks for this post! I stumbled upon it from another site and I love your tips, especially since I'm a WordPress user as well! =)

  • Elia | Style Waistla

    Thank you so much for all these helpful tips!! I just installed the Smart Archives plug-in and now I'm about to make a contact page (I do this on my personal website, don't know why I haven't on my blog). I love me some plug-ins!!!

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  • Emily

    Wondered if you could maybe add a bit about making a button and the coding etc for this? I wanted to do this with a series I'm doing at the moment but could work it out! (Have out your button on my blog for reference!) Thank you :)

  • Yanira

    I wish I had more time to blog…as I started it as a hobby (bc the Hubs said I needed one) and I'm slowing getting more into the hang of it (as it once a week at least). You mentioned wordpress and blogger but what do you think of onsugar? It is what I use. Any tips on that one?


  • terra black

    this is great information! will def bookmark this page. one thing you might consider adding is page layout information. a pet peeve of mine is visiting a blog with so much 'junk' i get annoyed and leave. a cleaner page is nicer, which doesn't mean it has to be empty or boring… just clean.

  • Sarah Ashley

    I have to say that I just stumbled across your blog, and i absolutely love it! I just recently added your blog to my blogroll, actually… hope you don't mind! You are a complete inspiration- especially because you're a med student AND also keeping up with your blog religiously. Amazing.

  • Blake

    Thanks, Kristina! I added contact form 7 to my site on your recommendation. You're helping non-fashion bloggers as well. :)

  • Kelly

    This is great! and applicable to all sorts of blogs.

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  • Arietta

    Very useful post. Thank you for all the tips. What I would like to ask is if as a blogger I should contact magazines or PR companies to let them know I exist! My blog is almost 3 months old and I have around 100 followers and I see bloggers with even less followers than me being invited to fashion events of featured in magazines. Why is that? Am I doing something wrong? Is it because I post my outfits and I don't advertise my country's designers or brands? Sorry for all the questions but I really need your expertise!

    Thank you in advance!

  • Looks & Books

    Wonderful, comprehensive, easy to understand guide. Thank you for taking the time to put all of this together! I am planning some updates for my blog, and will definitely be incorporating some of your suggestions here.

    Thanks again!

  • Melody

    Thank you so much for this post. I have been considering starting a fashion blog and your post has calmed my nerves greatly.

    Thanks again for taking the time to put this all together, I am definitely going to check out the rest of your blog.

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    Great tips! I especially like the one about shouting out your commenters once a week. I have read many blogger tips since starting my own blog last September but this one is FRESH! Thanks so much!!



  • Brianne

    This is awesome!! I already see a difference in speed from using that handy "after the jump" link :)

  • Barb Quinn

    I chringed when I read the piece "Contact Forms – A Must!" as I realized how difficult I was making it for my readers to contacting me by masking my email address on my "1990's" Contact Us page.

    I was quilty as charged. It is really hard for me to be objective my own sites. So this article was great, as it forced me to see some simple stuff that needs fixing.

    I'm going to install that plug in ASAP and do it right.

  • SJP

    Such an insightful post and I'm only half way through : ) I'm on Blogger at the moment and although I've set up a WordPress (.com) account and fiddled about with it a bit, I'm too scared to make the move over yet! Every time I think about it I get scared and chicken out, but this post has given me the courage to make the move… possibly… in a minute…


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  • Leah

    Thank you soooo much for all this information! I've just started a blog and I was struggling with what I should do with the archive section and the comment section and your advice really helped!

    I also posted a comment on one of your Tumblr photos but I'm not sure if you got it? Based on all the pictures that you share I really think you will like this site –

    Your site has been a great role model for me – thank you!

    If you ever get the chance I would love for you to check out my blog –

    Thanks again,


  • cca.

    This was so helpful! Thank You!

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    Great tips and information! Thank you for sharing!!!


  • littlelala

    woah! woah! woah! you are so great for sharing!!! thank you so much!

    i'm on and after googling my way on how to use it i really feel has way more options…but i am so not savvy and need to learn more about as i think you need to be more up to speed on the backend situation.

    ok, so i completely use google reader to keep track of the endless list of blogs i read, but i guess everyone is using bloglovin' and/or google connect…i just started on bloglovin' and am finding it terribly cumbersome…any suggestions?


  • Andrea Garland

    Thank u!!! this post is awesome especially for a new blogger, I think always we can learn some thing new :D

  • Ciara

    Thank you so much for this post!! It was so helpful! Just yesterday I changed the overall look of my blog so it looks more appealing and less personal so that if someone rolled up on it, they would get the message that it had something for everyone! Unfortunately, I live in a tiny Alabama town where there are probably less than 10 people that have blogs and most people aren't really concerned with what you have to write on your blog! I currently have only 6 followers- so sad compared to when people have hundreds!! What would you suggest for me to do to make my blog more public to people that don't directly know me and know that I have one? Maybe commenting more and leaving my blog link on bigger blogs? Once again, thank you so much for taking so much time to help others through writing this post!!

    xoxo, Ciara

  • Rachael

    Thank you so much. I really learned a lot. I have been blogging for a while as a scrapbook type thing for my son and my thoughts, but just recently have been really interested in other's blogs and had no idea how they got so successful so fast. This makes a lot of sense.

  • Michelle

    This was GREAT information even for a blog that isn't a fashion blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and insights!

  • kelsey

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  • Kate

    Some absolutely amazing advice that I am putting into action right now! Thank you!

  • Jess

    A great guide, thank you!! I do have one question though: I've been using the "more" tag on WordPress to make the posts shorter, but in my Google reader, the whole post still shows. Any idea why this would be happening? Your posts have a "continue" link in my reader, so I know it's just my blog for whatever reason, but I know how annoying it can be to have a long post in a reader! Help! And thanks again :)

  • Erin

    Thanks so much for the tips! I just discovered your fabulous blog and LOVE IT!

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    The first time I visited your site I landed on this article and was such a great help!

  • Ashley

    GREAT post… I'm new to this segment of blogging, so this has been a great help. Maybe you could do a more detailed post on some of your favorite WordPress plugins? I've been trying to find a good one for the "Share" functionality to go to the other social media sites, but when I search the plugins, thousands come up! Anyways, very helpful post, will be re-tweeting :)

  • Megan

    this is a great post, you really addressed a lot of issues. I'm still a somewhat new blogger, so thanks!

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  • Ann

    Hi Kristina, I just found your blog this morning… and found this… THANK YOU! :) I just started my blog a little over two weeks ago and these tips are very helpful… :)

    I also love your style (not to mention that I am a petite too!)… adding you to my Inspiring Styles list… Oh and I will be joining your Bloggers Do it Better series… your first challenge is perfect – I have been in color blocking mode since Friday! :)

  • Catriona

    I just recently discovered your blog.. and I am SO glad I did! You have some very useful tips here which I shall be sure to implement into my own blog :)

  • Nisha Neesh

    I Love Love Love this post Im leaving blogger behind and switching to wordpress. im lookin faword to everything it has to offer.

  • Nisha

    Recently a friend has showed me how to use word press, you would think that it would be so hard but its not, it is user friendly and it makes your blogs look alot more professional and appealing. Thanks for the post very informative!

  • Chantel

    I don't know how it took me so long to stumble upon your site, but I'm sure glad that I did. This has got to be the best, and most comprehensive guide out there! Thank you so much. I got sick and had to take a break from blogging, and I'm now in the process of revamping my entire blog; this guide is fantastic, and I will be using all of your tips, and adding a PSS link on my page! Thank you again, you're so sweet for sharing your secrets!


  • iky

    I love this!! I have been trying to start blogging and wondered if there was any resource on how to, this was very helpful, I am looking forward to more helpful hints :)

  • Pink Penguin

    This is fabulous, thank you so much for sharing! I have read a few 'how to improve your blog' articles here and there but this definitely gave me a new perspective and some new tips and ideas. xxx

  • Holly

    I just stumbled on your blog via a "bloggers do it better" badge and somehow found myself on this post. I was completely immersed and read the whole thing! Your tips are very helpful. I currently use blogger and have been blogging with blogger for about a year now. I'm going to be migrating over to a wordpress platform though because I've got a website I'm hoping to finally launch possibly by Christmas… I'm sure I'll come back to this post again for future reference.

  • el {what you fancy}

    Thank you so much for this info! I've been blogging for about 6 months now and am still finding my way around, learning every day… although sites like Problogger can be helpful, they're v broad with their subject matter, so to have something specific to fashion/style blogging is exactly what we need :)

    All the best,


  • Lauren

    Hi! Thank you for the most helpful post. I just have a quick question. If I migrate to WordPress will my followers (via Google Friend Connect) migrate along with me? Or will readers have to find my new blog and follow again?

    Thank you,


  • Morgan McCloskey


    Though I've been doing research on starting a fashion blog after voraciously reading them for years, before reading this post it seemed more a daunting hobby than the exciting outlet I had arranged in my mind. Thank you for this open and comprehensive guide to fashion blogging. Cheers to the start of hard work mixed with passionate addiction. Thanks again.



  • Amanne

    I know this was posted a while back but this is some great info thank you. I am a fairly new blogger and have been reading a lot on blogging tips from more established bloggers. I am definitively going to be moving over to WordPress and when I do I am very excited to implement many of your suggestions.

    Do you have photography suggestions? My very old digital camera just died and I am looking into replacing it but I am so confused. My main use for the camera will be my blog (both fashion and beauty images) but there's so many out there. I know NOTHING about cameras haha.

  • The Foolish Aesthete

    Highly informative post! I like how you reward commenters. I wonder if there's a way in Blogger since I'm not ready to move to WordPress. Right now, I just try to visit the blogs of those who comment each time.

  • Michelle

    I'm SO glad I came across this. Thank you so much for putting this information together. I'm a newer blogger and I spend more time on my blog than I should (I really should be studying) but I've learned a lot from reading this and will start implementing your suggestions asap…or after I get some studying done :) thanks again!

  • Anna

    I just found your blog through ifb. This guide is so useful in spelling out answers to many of my questions. Thanks :)

  • Jen

    Love this article! Found it today from IFB. I just started blogging myself so everyday I learn something new. Currently on blogger, but now I feel like I should check out wordpress!



  • Simplizers

    Thank you for this blog. It is personal but valuable. I do choose blogger at the first start, to get used to blogging environment. Hope I can be better with lesson from this post

  • the fashion turd

    I really like the 'comment appreciation' post! nice, simple idea which is beneficial to you and your readers….and will hopefully discourage the 'follow me and i'll follow you' kind of commenting! cheers for that! x x

  • Em

    This was the most helpful thing I have read in a long time. I've been blogging for a little over a month now, and I am absolutely hooked. This article gave me a ton of ideas and inspiration for things that I could implement to help my blog grow. Thank you so much!

  • Electro Geisha

    Hello :) this post is so inspiring, and has so many great tips and tricks, thank you for that. and the most of it all, I loved the way you treat your readers, and how you care. I mean, it doesn`t have to be me per se the person whom you actually will reply or send thank you e-mail, but even the thought you made to even mention this, to think of it as a way of comunicating is enogh for me. It says you really are a special kind of person, the kind that isn`t found on web so often. unfortunately. But if there is one person like that, there is sure hope.

    I appologize if my sentences sound a bit off, english is not my native tongue, but i try, and hope you will get what i wanted to say…

    And for the end, your blog is really great and thank god (and ifb) I found you (and it!). this is the begining of a long friendship, at least on my side…

    Regards and greetings from Croatia!



  • Angela Osborn

    Thanks you so much! I started a blog (self hosted) a few months ago and I still have so much to learn. This has been really helpful! :)

  • Hannah

    WOW! Thanks a million!

    I can't even express how helpful this has been! It's much appreciated!


  • Nia:D

    Big help for us new comers to the blogging world! I've always wanted to start a blog but I was really unsure how! Thanks!

  • Grace Cuddy

    Kristina –

    Thank you, thank you for taking the time to share all of this! I just started my blog about a month ago, and have felt overwhelmed by the amazing blog designs out there, but the lack of resources to really develop my own! This is invaluable information – I so appreciate your openness to sharing it!

  • Meera

    This post has been so helpful! Thank you so much. I was wondering if you know any contact form for blogger? I was also hoping for a guide on how to increase followers, and respond to comments such as, "I will follow you if you follow me". Thank you so much!



  • Tiny D

    Thank you for this fantastic article. I've been writing my blog since 2008 but have recently tried to improve it (I love the writing side of it, but am nervous about uploading pictures of myself-it sounds crazy as I try to make my blog about fashion, but I need to be quite careful because of my job). I have now added a contact form based on the advice here and will be using the tips to help me get my head around the more "technical" side of blogging which I'm clueless about!

  • http://ItsStyleSucka! Lara Wisniewski

    Thank you, I am just beginning and am setting up my site at the moment. This was immensely helpful Hope you'll come and visit when its up and running!


  • ChicPoint

    WOW! I've been reading this post over more than an hour… without blinking! You dont imagine how useful it is for me! I'm still starting with my blog (I have been a month ago more or less since I created it), and without doubt, I'm going to follow most tips that I have read here. There are definitely great ideas! Now following you, hoping to see more interesing post like this!=)


  • Caitlyn

    Thank you so much for this post! My sister and I are in the process of starting a blog and this has been so helpful.

    We really want to use WordPress, but also eventually want to have sponsors, and we are both new to all blogging and computer systems. What would you recommend we do in this situation??

    Thanks again for this post! :)

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    Thanks so much!


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    I recently started to read your blog and I am soooo happy for finding this post since I just started my blog a few weeks ago. I read so many basic tips for starters like me, that I haven't found anywhere else (and I have researched a lot)

    BTW, what brought me to your blog was the Bloggers Do it Better challenge. I can't wait for the next challenge and I'm hoping to be able to participate.

    Thanks for your tips.



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    Thank you so much for writing this guide! It is sooooo helpful! I am going to start a fashion blog soon and this guide definitely answered lots of my queries! Thanks again!!


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    This guide saved my life!! I just started blogging (2 days! Woohoo!) and just wanted to say THANK YOU for the tips! One question, do you have any tips on proper blogger etiquette when using someone else’s photographs? Are attribution rules different when it’s a publication (aka Vogue, WWD) vs someone’s personal photography? Thanks!

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    Thank you so much for this amazing guide. I am a newbie blogger, and I recently started my blog with I immediately regretted it because I read how blogger is so much easier to use, and you are allowed to put ads on your pages there. I considered switching back to blogger. But after reading your post, I am thinking it’s better to move to, but that seems sooooo complicated. I tried downloading the software and I have no idea what I am doing. Do you think I need to hire someone to help me make this transition, and to design my blog?

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    • Kristina

      you’re so welcome! i am so glad to hear it’s still proving itself useful :)

  • Rachael @ Rachael, Really.

    I thought you should know, I took your advice and decided to ditch the tumblr set up I have and go back to what I’m already familiar with (from previous blogging attempts) and use a wordpress self-hosted site. I even decided to bite the big one and get Thesis. I’m slowly working on design for the site, so I’m still currently still blogging on my tumblr platform, but soon enough!

    I do have a question, what plug-in are you using for your cute and simple Twitter widget? It looks similar to the one I have for my tumblr theme that I can’t seem to acquire for wordpress. Despite my attempts at CSS.

    This post has been completely helpful for me and I love it to pieces, along with you! I don’t think I’ve commented on your blog before actually, but it seemed appropriate to come out of hiding on the one post I view the most :)

    • Kristina

      Well that’s just so wonderful to hear! I’m so glad you are making the transition, and hope that this guide is serving you well. The twitter widget is just plain old hand-coding, I’m afraid. A lot of themes out there try and copy it, but I get on their backs if it’s alarmingly similar. :)

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    I love your article, so helpful, I am changing the way I blog and heading in a different direction and I stumbled upon your article. Love you blog by the way and even your adds are well chosen.

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    do you have any advice?

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    Thanks for this wonderful advice. I am a wordpress blogger – and a Canadian blogger and am wondering how i can best make money my blog without having to move to Blogger – can you give me any advice?

    • Kristina

      You can make plenty of money on WordPress. If you’re using self hosted WordPress, there are no limits whatsoever (only on is advertising restricted). Sponsored posts, sponsored reviews, advertorials are jsut a few ways to make money on a blog. But, like I said, if you are self hosted (using the version) you don’t have any limits whatsoever. I don’t see why anyone should *ever* move to Blogger.

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    Thank you so much for your effort in writing this post. Your tips are very helpful especially since it’s written with the fashion blogger in mind. I was researching on the vs Tumblr debate and I think you’ve got me sold on :) I’m not exactly tech-savvy though, guess I’ll need a developer to help straighten some things out.

    Some things I’ll like to ask/discuss:
    1. Page excerpts: I’m not sure if I’ll agree with you on this point. As a reader, I love to see all photos and content in the entry loaded so I don’t have to click on additional links to read everything! Better still, if the page loads more posts automatically when I’ve scrolled down to the bottom of the page. See for what I mean.

    2. Blog Header: I think you’ve a good point here but I’m of the opinion that a blog header should be a nice, big image so that it grabs the visitor’s attention and interest immediately. And if it’s a nice, big image, am I right to say it may not then load as fast? See (not a fashion blog but doesn’t the huge, pretty blog header make you want to read more?)

    3. Currently most of my readers are subscribed to me via Livejournal friends. Do you know if I can move them over to without having to have them subscribe to me all over again? I actually have a bit of a headache since I’m currently hosted at Livejournal. I tried exporting all the entries and comments once (well to, not but the comments all got jumbled up and the replies in the threads didn’t get linked to the original comment! I kind of have a dilemma here because if I move, I want to move everything with me.

    4. How did you do the thumbnail view of all your posts and outfit posts in your archives? Is that a widget? I think it’s brilliant since pictures speak a thousand words. It reminds me of flickr and tumblr, but yours is neater and I like that the thumbnails are much bigger.

    5. Some honest feedback, I don’t like it that I can’t right click on your posts or links to open them in another tab or window! I like to load and read lots of things at the same time, but on your site, I can only read one post at a time.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

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    The one secret you’ve shared that I may implement is thanking first-time commenters. I’ve received a few thanks for commenting on other blogs (separate from the comment reply), and I always appreciated it. I may see how it goes to thank new commenters manually to start. Wish me luck with that! :)

    One thing you don’t have included is making sure your commenters are getting notified when you reply to their comments. I’m not sure if the standard Blogger comment form has this option, but I know you can do it with most other commenting systems. I am far more likely to leave a comment when I will receive an email notifying me of the reply.

    Thanks again for the great tips!


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    Thank you for putting this together. It has given me many ideas for improvement!

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    • Kristina

      You are so welcome Sheila, thanks for the kind words! I am so glad that it helped you!

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    In any case, thanks once again! You are very generous to share these tips.

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    My first blog was on wordpress and for some weird reason I moved to blogger.

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    It is going to be a blog about taking pictures from “InStyle” and finding a similar style via “thrifting”. Between myself and 3 teenage daughters we have alot of content. Would you mind emailing me and I can bounce a few ideas for a name?

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    First off, WOW! You are truly amazing (& adorable!). I love your blog, your style & your complete honesty. This guidebook is incredible. While reading it, I found many tips that could be applied to other blogs in addition to fashion blogging. I.e. the contact form – I want to implement that on my blog now! On a separate note, I read the story of your brother & allow me to offer my condolences. I lost my father suddenly in April of 2008 from an aneurysm in the stomach. We were very close & I have struggled quite a bit over the last few years. I’ve recently come into the world of blogging & find it to be very uplifting. Reading your story was extremely comforting. So, many thanks. I recently started a “Blogger” blog as a journaling experience to remind myself of what brings me joy. Reading your blog everyday is one of those things. :-) You’re inspiring & I wish you great success in all your future endeavors. You have a lifelong fan! -Marissa S.


    Really interesting points.

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    Thanks for valuable tips and secrets for fashion blogging

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    I love your blog and have found this very helpful… I am still very new to this blogging business and am yet to start up my fashion blog (which will be called Project Frana) as I want to do a bit of research first. I am pretty sure I will be coming back to this blog for more tips, I also love the layout of your blog and realise it may take a while before I get Project Frana looking so good… Ohhh and i also love everything pretty, shiny sparkly… I am a bit of a magpie!!
    thanks again, Frana xx
    PS… the first difficult decision ..blogger or wordpress!! xx

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    Check out my blog if you wish, i would be honoured to hear what you think of it and what you think i could change and add to increase readers and help in expanding it publicly. xx

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    But just a quick question, which do you think is better, IntenseDebate or Disqus? I know they are both great. I just want to hear your opinion. Thanks!

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    I’m always annoyed by being unable to have threaded comments on Blogger, but the majority of people I’ve come across always seem to dislike Disqus, and often don’t even bother commenting if they have to use it to do so.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Style to Stage

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    Thanks for all the tips.

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    Cheers x x

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    Thanks again.

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    Coats and Jackets
    1b) Burberry Prorsum Poplin Parka
    2b) Armani Collezioni Parka/Jacket
    3) Calvin Klein Collection Moto Jacket
    4b) Vanessa Bruno Wool Crest Blazer w/Helmut Lang Navy Pants/IRO Blue Epaulet Shirt
    5) Vince. Twill Trench Coat
    6) Rainforest Belted Black Trench Coat
    7) Theory Invictus Tartan Blazer and Theory Red Oxford Shirt, Rag & Bone Navy Pleated Skirt
    8) Jil Sander Tech Fabric Trench Coat
    9) MM6 Polyamide Button Up Overcoat
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    11) ALI RO Cool Grey Parka/Jacket
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    2b) Alice + Olivia Hilly Black Sequin Wrap, Rag & Bone Body Con Dress
    3b) Alexander Wang Satin Wrap Dress
    4b) Vanessa Bruno Poplin Voile Dress
    5b) Stella McCartney Leopard Dress
    6b) Theory Parmenta Vermillion Crepe Jacket, DSquared2 Strapless Gown
    7) DSquared2 Linen West End Dress
    8) DSquared2 Tri-Colorblock Wrap Dress
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    10) Rebecca Taylor Necklace Dress
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    14) Twelfth Street Flutter Sleeve Maxi
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    17) Trina Turk Blythe Wrap Dress – NM
    18) Trina Turk Casablanca Print Dress
    19) Trina Turk Stripe Racerback Dress
    20) Trina Turk Zigzag Sweater Dress-NM
    21) Trina Turk Zigzag Beach Dress
    22) Trina Turk Marine Stripe Beach Dress
    23b) Antik Batik Ross Sequined Dress
    24) Theory Marine Wool Knit Dress/Tibi Blue Zebra Bandeau Bikini
    25) Catherine Malandrino Garden Dress and Blue Pointelle Knit Cardigan
    26) Tibi Cotton Tie-waist Beach Dress/Tibi Barrier Reef Tie-side Bikini
    27) Chloe Viscose Tank Coverup Dress
    28b) Chloe Cotton-voile Shirt Coverup/Chloe Racerback Tank, Pringle Button Cotton-Linen Pants
    29) Tibi Pointelle Knit Tank Beach Dress/Tibi Paisley Tie-side Bikini
    30) Twelfth Street Beaded Mini Dress/Elizabeth and James Black Leggings
    31) Costume National White Shift Dress
    32) Costume National Hooded Dress
    33b) Rebecca Taylor Python Ballet Dress
    34) MCQ Black Ruffle Shirt, Theyskens Theory Bandage Skirt
    35) See By Chloe Blue Cotton Tie-Waist Pique Beach Dress
    36) Rebecca Taylor Python Navy/Purple Tie-Waist Maxi Dress
    37) Rebecca Taylor All-Tied Up Black Midi Dress
    38) Tbags Golden Rope Tie-dye Dress

    *Alaia Virgin Wool Button Sweater/Calvin Klein Collection Linen Shirt, Balenciaga Paper Yarn Pants
    *Dolce and Gabbana Apricot Cashmere Sweater and Dolce and Gabbana Sky Blue Pant
    *Balenciaga Cropped Ivory Denim and Alice + Olivia Cardigan/Marni Triacetate Sleeveless Top
    *Vince. Luxury Cowl Neck Sweater/Helmut Lang Wing Pocket Pants
    *Opening Ceremony Cropped Lace Knit Sweater, Cacharel Cashmere Cardigan, Stella McCartney High Waist Cords
    *Vince. Colorblock Wool Cashmere Sweater and Black Ponte Pants
    *Vince. Pink Wool Cashmere Sweater and 7 for All Mankind Riche Velvet Pant
    *Vince. Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt and Geranium Crepe Pants
    *Vince. Two Layer Coastal/Dew Cashmere Top and Wide Leg White Cupro Cotton Pant
    *Vince. Linen Sail Cloth & Sailor Knit Pullover and Vince. Linen Coastal Bermuda Shorts
    *Rebecca Taylor Whisper Weight Cashmere Colorblock Pullover and Vince. White Twill Bermudas
    *Vince. Knit Tank Top and Rebecca Taylor Runway Shorts
    *Vince. White Button Up Shirt, Buckle-waist Blush Bermuda Shorts, Zen Beach Linen Cardi
    *Vince. Loose Linen Beach Sweater, and Vanessa Bruno Navy Linen Shorts
    *Vince. Linen Sail Cloth & Citrine Knit Pullover (Oversized) and Baby Bell Jeans
    1b) Alexander Wang Knit Tank, Sweater & Harem Pant
    2b) Rag & Bone Devon Cardigan/Joseph Blue Linen Pants
    3) Rebecca Taylor Two Tone Pullover/Rag & Bone Shell Corduroy Pants
    4) Rebecca Taylor Wool Cashmere Dress
    5) Inhabit Cashmere Hooded Cardigan/Robert Rodriguez Grey Tank/Theyskens Theory Black Twill Pants
    6) Theory Davini Viscose Blend Sweater/LnA Grey Luxe Tank/ACNE Grey Pants
    7) MCQ Breton Stripe Sweater and Black Tank/Maison Martin Margiela White Pants
    8) Rebecca Taylor Tie-waist Cardigan/Joe’s Jeans Wool Cargo Pants
    9) Vince. Coastal Viscose Blend Sweater/Vince. Coastal Wool Pants
    10) A.L.C. Striped Pullover/MiH Surf Jeans
    11) Elizabeth & James Nude Cashmere Sweater/Helmut Lang Neutral Pants
    12) Rebecca Taylor Pointelle Sweater/Notify Coral Chino Pants and Graham and Spencer Linen Tank
    13) Antik Batik Metallic Sweater and Rag and Bone/JEAN Charcoal Cords
    14) Autumn Cashmere Hooded Poncho w/Theory Snake Print Pants, Rebecca Taylor Linen Knotted Tee
    15) Autumn Cashmere Stripe Sweater and See By Chloe Bootcut Jeans
    16) Alexander Wang Knit Sweatshirt/Hemut Lang Relaxed Cargo Pants
    17) Rag & Bone Lily Melange Pullover/Alice + Olivia Flared Jeans
    18) Antik Batik Coral Cardigan/Notify Coral Bootcut Jeans/Textile Peach Tee
    19) DSquared2 Short Sleeve Sweater & Cropped Light Beige Pants
    20) Stella McCartney Sleeveless Sweater/Alice + Olivia Studded Shorts
    21b) Splendid Mesh Stitch Sweater/Milly Woven Button Shorts & Vanessa Bruno Athe Embroidered Shorts
    22) Splendid Linen Melange Sweater/Splendid Drawstring Shorts
    23) Robert Rodriguez Cropped Cardigan/Costume National Golden Wings Tank/ACNE Black Bell Pants
    24) DSquared2 Striped Pullover/DSquared2 Nautical Stripe Shorts
    25) IRO Knit Sweater Dress/LnA Black Zipper Leggings
    26) Robert Rodriguez Cable Knit Pullover, Antik Batik Button Up Shirt/MM6 Ivory Zipper Pants

    Sports Wear
    1) K Karl Lagerfeld Button Up Shirt and Stella McCartney Red Cropped Cords
    _Y’s by Yoji Yamamoto Cotton S/S Blazer
    _Robert Rodriguez Mixed Media Tee and Twelfth Street Ikat Shorts
    2) Day Birger et Mikkelson Tie-waist Shirt and Notify Velvet Cropped Pants
    3) IRO Grey Shirtdress/IRO Grey Tank Top & Dye Jeans
    4) MiH Grey Button Up Shirt and Current/Elliott Platinum Captain Trouser
    5) Elizabeth and James Blue Button Up Shirt and Blue Current/Elliott Blue Captain Trouser
    6) Elizabeth and James White Stripe Shirt and Current/Elliott Skinny Trouser in Sugar
    7) Free People Red Chambray Button up Shirt, Current/Elliott Cargo Shorts
    8) Scotch and Soda Stars Button Up Shirt, Antik Batik White Beach Pant
    9) CLU Cami Beach Dress
    10) Catherine Malandrino Tie-waist Blouse and White Cotton Pants
    11) Joie White and Purple Stripe Tank, Textile Elizabeth and James Purple Shorts
    12) Splendid Flower Button Tank and Hudson Princeton Shorts
    13) Johnny Was Orange Linen Jacket, Lacoste White Gab Cropped Pant and Green Dragon White Linen Tunic
    14) Ella Moss Bat Wing Top and Grenadine Rayon Pant
    15) Joie Boho Linen Shirt and IMalloni Linen Cropped Pant
    16) Johnny Was Flower Button Up Top and Armand Basi Khaki Pant
    17) Soft Joie Red Drape Top, Joie White Cargo Pant
    18) Joie Tasseled Tank Top and White Linen Shorts
    19) Joie Masona Top, Hudson Cape Cod Crop Pant
    20) Scotch & Soda Ikat Dress
    21) Graham and Spencer Wrap Sweater Twenty8Twelve Mutan Shirt, James Jeans Cappuccino Cargo Jeans
    22) Ella Moss Lydon Top, Joie Caviar Drape Short Sleeve Top, Joie Caviar Harem Pant
    23) Scotch & Soda Pintuk Top and Linen Pants
    24) Free People Floral Halter Top and 7 for All Mankind Drapey Rayon Pants
    25) Textile Elizabeth and James Monaco Top, Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent Day Pant
    26) Splendid Shirting Tank and G-Star Riviera Short
    27) Robert Graham Paisley Shirt, G-Star
    Chambray Short
    28) Joe’s Jeans Cropped Wellington Pant Robert Rodriguez Open Knit Sweater, Soft Joie Caviar Tee Shirt
    29) Soft Joie Orange Drape Tank and Textile Elizabeth and James Flared Jeans
    30) Textile Elizabeth and James Python Tee and Jimmy Blue Flared Jeans
    31) Twenty8Twelve Color Block Knit Cardi & Tank, MM6 Grey Wide Leg Pant
    32) MM6 Ivory One Shoulder Top and Ivory Shorts
    33) MM6 Yellow Striped One Shoulder Top and Yellow Denim Shorts
    34) See By Chloe Open Shoulder Top and Pink Linen Pants
    35) C’n’c Red Graphic Tee and Bailey 44 City Shorts
    36) C’n’c Bandeau Top & Fushia Cords
    37) C’n’c Steel Grey Denim Jacket, Corduroy Skirt and Velvet Tee
    38) C’n’c Grey Satin Pants and Costume National Grey Halter Tank Top
    39) Charlotte Ronson Stripe Tank Dress
    40) Soft Joie Stripe Pink Strapless Maxi
    41b) Stella McCartney Fob Shorts, Adidas By Stella McCartney Fitness Top and Long Sleeve Jacquard Jacket
    42) Costume National Pink Button Shirt, Magaschoni Sky Blue Cropped Pants
    43) Joie Stellaluna Button Up Tank and Mark + James Woven Festival Denim
    44) Elizabeth and James Stripe Batwing Shirt and Joie Rolled Blue Linen Shorts
    45) Joie Ikat Short & Soft Joie Ruffle Top
    46) Soft Joie Hot Pink Crossover Top and Catherine Malandrino Bermuda Denim
    47) Soft Joie Avani Top and Marrakesh Rolled Cargo Shorts
    48) Joie Grey Cowl Neck Pullover and Joe’s Jeans Black Cargo Shorts
    49) Joie Blue V-neck Long Sleeve Tee and Navy Maureen Short
    50) YaYa Alfalo Hipster Jean Shorts and Larok Luxe White Graphic Tank Top
    51) Joie Stripe Grey Pocket Tee and Joe’s Jeans Black Rayon Shorts
    53) Thakoon Lace Tank & Pant Legging
    54) Mark + James Linen Dress and Joie Silver Cardi

    Designer Denim, Active, Tees & Tanks
    1) K Karl Lagerfeld (NFY by Notify)
    2) Stella McCartney
    3) Paul & Joe
    4) IRO
    5) ACNE & Theyskens Theory (Flares)
    6) Rag & Bone (E&J Stripe Sweater)
    7) Inhabit
    8) Enza Costa
    9) Textile Elizabeth and James
    10) Vince.
    11) MiH
    12) Graham and Spencer & LnA
    13) Adidas By Stella McCartney
    14) Robert Rodriguez (James Jeans)
    15) Trina Turk
    16) J Brand by Christopher Kane
    _ACNE Blue Button Tee & Denim Flares
    _Antik Batik Fringe Tunic, Current/Elliott Sand Denim and Catherine Malandrino Pearl Drape Cardigan
    _Textile Elizabeth and James Catalina Tank and Tropical Floral Deb Pant
    _Textile Elizabeth and James Neon Pink Malibu Tank, LnA Pink V-neck Tee and NFY Pink Crop Jeans
    _Textile Elizabeth and James Neon Coral Tank and NFY White Crop Zipper Jeans
    _Enza Costa Rogue Top and Theyskens Theory Denim Flares
    _Inhabit Cotton Top, K Karl Lagerfeld. Light Blue Denim
    _b Trina Turk Charcoal Top and MiH Black London Bootcut Jeans
    _b Scotch & Soda Checked Shirt and MiH London Bootcut Light Denim
    _Splendid Stripe Brown Cardigan Bassike Brown Tee and J Brand by Christopher Kane Brown Shorts
    _7 for All Mankind Linen Pocket Tank and 7 for All Mankind Coachella Denim Flares
    _LnA Purple Cami and Textile Elizabeth and James Navy Cropped Chino
    _Textile Denim Check Shorts and White Long Sleeve Tee
    __Current Elliott Pink Boyfriend Jeans
    __MiH Kara London Bootcut Jeans
    __MiH Deja Paris Cropped Jeans
    __MiH London Blue & White Stripe Short
    __IRO Cropped Jeans
    __Paige Baxter Chino in White Sand

    Handbags, Bags and Small Goods
    1b) Botkier Gold Coated Canvas Bag
    2b) Falachi Nude Microfiber Tote
    3b) Adidas by Stella McCartney Bag
    4b) Adidas by Stella McCartney Bum Bag
    5) George Gina & Lucy Klitsch Peach Flash Wristlet Clutch ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’

    Premier Designer Shoes
    1b) Stella McCartney Blue Ballet Flats
    2b) Adidas by Stella McCartney Broadbill Sneakers

    Name Brand Shoes
    1) Sperry Top Sider Blue Plaid Sneakers
    2b) Sorel Denim/Gingham Whale Bootie
    3) Sperry Top Sider Gold Sequin Flip Flops
    4) Lily Pulitzer Shelly Jelly Aqua/Garden By The Sea
    5) Matisse Tan Snake Listal Sandals
    6) Matisse Red Snake Listal Sandals

    Premier Designer Swim
    1b) Chloe Python Swim Suit
    2) Marni Bikini and Cami Coverup
    3) Dolce and Gabbana Hawaii Bikini
    4) Vanessa Bruno Bikini and Cami Dress Coverup
    5) Chloe Blue Bikini and Cotton Dress Coverup
    6b) Chloe Brown and Gold Swirl Bikini
    7b) Chloe Light Blue Pique Bikini
    8) Jean Paul Gaultier Graphic Stripe Swim Suit

    Designer Swim
    1) L*Space
    2) Vitamin A Gold
    3) Vix (Textile Beach Swim Dress)
    4) Letarte
    5) Adidas By Stella McCartney

    (L*Space Coverup)
    (Tigerlily Coverup)

    Tees, Shorts, Pants, Denim & Dresses
    1) Joie & Soft Joie
    2) Splendid
    3) Ella Moss
    4) Michael Stars
    5) 7 for All Mankind
    6) James Jeans
    7) Joe’s Jeans
    8) Agave Nectar
    9) Free People
    10) Twenty8Twelve
    11) Rich & Skinny
    _Robert Rodriguez Muscle Tee and Rich and Skinny White Low Rise Flare
    _Joie Grey Button Up Top, James Jeans Cameron Blue Flares
    _Rich and Skinny Sandstone Jeans, Ella Moss Drape Top, Splendid Light Cardi
    _Rich and Skinny Giraffe Print Jeans and Splendid Natural Knit Top
    _Splendid Tie Dye Top and Turquoise Twill Crop Pant
    _James Jeans Khaki Pants, James ICON Tee and Michael Stars Two Tone Cardi
    _Maison Scotch Tee and James Jeans Bermuda Denim Shorts
    _ Splendid Peach Stripe Tank and Rich and Skinny Dark Wash Jean Short
    _Splendid Grey Poncho and Black Split Tee, Agave Pinstripe Cord Jean
    _Ella Moss Flax Stripe Dolman Top and Neutral Short
    _Michael Stars Blue Pullover, White Button Tee and Blue Linen Pants
    _Michael Stars Tie-waist Navy Stripe Dress
    _Michael Stars Marine Stripe Pullover, Marine Stripe Top and Joe’s Jeans White Rolled Denim
    _Michael Stars Mesh Top, Joe’s Jeans Linen Pocket Cami and Bailey44 Linen Pant
    _Splendid High Low Top and Metallic Tank, Agave Denim Grey Jeans
    _Splendid Marine Stripe Tee and James Jeans Rolled Shorts
    _Splendid Cayenne Whisper Top and Michael Stars Pink Linen Shorts
    _ Michael Stars Boho Tie-Waist Cami and James Jeans Farrah Blue Flares
    _7 for All Mankind Stripe Tank and Joe’s Jeans Medium Wash Cut-off Shorts
    _Alternative Apparel Moroccan Tank and Agave Pink Cropped Jeans
    _Ella Moss Watermelon Tie Top, Tart Cami and Joe’s Jeans Crop Light Wash Shorts
    _Splendid White Whisper Stripe Top and James Jeans Khaki Cargo Pants
    _Splendid High Low Tie-waist Dress
    _Michael Stars Blue Tie-waist Tank Maxi
    _Michael Stars Stripe Tank Dress
    _Ella Moss Diagonal Stripe Coverup Dress
    _Joie Blue Cardi, Ella Moss Two Tone Tee, James Jeans CD Blue Denim
    _Cynthia Steffe White Ruffle Blouse and J Brand Vintage Navy Chinos
    _MinkPink Shirt & J Brand Cutoff Shorts
    _Splendid Raspberry Knit Tank and
    James Jeans Mauve Twiggy Crops
    _Ella Moss Best Friend Open Shoulder Top and White Seamed Rayon Shorts

    Free People
    1) Free People Ethnic Diamond Dress
    2) Free People Orange Button Tee and Jade Print Shorts
    3) Free People Gold Lurex Tank and Gold Feather Print Denim
    4) Free People Green Floral Tank and Green Cargo Pants
    5) Free People Black Floral Cami and Black Rolled Jean Shorts
    6) Free People Pink Floral Cami and White Twill Shorts
    7) Free People Joan of Arc Dress
    8) Free People Ballet Camisole Dress
    9) Free People Ivory Top and Beige Corduroy Pants
    10) Free People Baja Hooded Coverup and Sold Denim Bermuda Shorts
    11) Free People Silver Stripe Henley and Light Wash Flared Jeans
    12) Free People Blue Sweatshirt and Dark Wash Flared Denim
    13) Black Sweater Tunic and Red Denim
    14) Free People Purple Cami Tee and Beach Wash Jeans
    15) Free People Coasting Coverup Tunic
    Free People Blue Embroidered Shorts
    16b) Free People Stargazer Gauze Dress

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