Tiramisu for Two

Since [houston] is in Los Angeles and I am in Texas, the whole dessert-for-two thing didn’t really pan out as romantic as I’d envisioned it.

So I ate enough for both of us.

Problem solved.

Click here for a nice tiramisu recipe.

  • http://onecraftyfox.blogspot.com/ Diana

    Hey! I found you through Polyvore :) Great blog, I love your look!!

  • http://amaturecouture.com/ mara

    hahaa YUM! sweet blog dear!


  • http://archivechicago.blogspot.com/ Lisa


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  • http://thyaudaciousness.blogspot.com/ ching

    tiramisu!!!!! *drooling

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  • http://annamargrete.wordpress.com Anna

    Oh, yummy. I have to try baking those one day :D


  • http://cafefashionista.blogspot.com Cafe Fashionista

    Ohmigosh that looks phenomenal! I have never tasted Tiramisu before! :)

  • http://sparkycorner.wordpress.com Sara

    awww … that's definitely something you would always want to eat for two!! ;-)