Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

Pink bow top & polka dot skirt c/o Modcloth | Forever 21 “Miu Miu” heels | Louis Vuitton bag | Bracelet c/o Juicy Couture | Target scarf | David Yurman & Sundance rings

When I ordered these two items from Modcloth a few weeks ago, I knew exactly what I would do with them. I knew I would wear them together. [houston] took one look at me that morning, raised his eyebrows, and told me matter-of-factly  that I didn’t match.

“I know, that’s the point,” I said.

Silly boy. Doesn’t he know fashion bloggers mix prints and break fashion rules? And we do it all before breakfast.

I seriously hate this shot [above]. Something about my hair, I don’t know — it just irks me. Yes, I just used the work irk. I included the photo anyway because [houston] was really proud of it. And while I’m proud of it too, as punishment, I have sent my hair to time-out to think about what it’s done to an otherwise lovely photo.

Shot by HB–thanks sweetie!

Don’t you just love the tiny little bows on this cotton-candy pink top? Methinks I will also be using it as a pajama top in the very near future…

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    I happen to think you rocked the mixing of the prints. And don't fret everyone's hair goes to time out sometimes. Mine has been there a while Doesn't it know not to grow crazy 2 inch roots when I'm too busy to make a hair appointment!

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    This is so lovely! I'm always hesitant to mix prints because I don't know if I'm doing it right, but I'm definitely going to have to give it a shot now. And that top is beyond gorgeous. :)

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    It takes quite a self-possessed adult woman to wear cotton-candy pink with tiny bows and, better yet, pair it with those bad-ass shoes. I believe you are just such a woman. Big compliments in your direction!

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    I adore this outfit and thumbs up for your fashion rule breaking!! It's quite adorable. The skirt is my fav' though, but only because I am a sucker for polka dots!

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      I'm a total sucker for polka dots too, lately. Bought a top at Zara last week that is polka dots and can't wait to find the next excuse to wear it :)

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    I'm impressed with your print mixing! I'm always a bit leery of stepping out w/different prints. Probably because the hubs like to talk about it really, really loudly near large groups of people. Because they're all deaf, apparently? Who knows… regardless, I'm definitely digging that LV bag too. Great post!

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    You keep getting better and better! Legs look three miles long…shoes are just too cute! How did you get stockings to EXACTLY match?

    The Cheif Blonde


    Could you tell me which plug-in you use for your tweet and like button?

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    You look SO adorable! I love this, the pink looks amazing on you! Really great job with the print mixing, too! Super cute!

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    So funny that your BF tells you that you don't match. Whenever I am wearing my most trendy (and I am proud of it), my boyfriend usually looks me up and down and goes "excuse me, what is this (finger gesture up and down)?" – I hear ya, sistah!

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    I absolutely adore this mix of ever so sweet prints! Funny store about the HB. I got dressed the other day and my boyfriend asked me if I was deliberately wearing stripes with another print. Ummmm…yes?!? I like that you included a picture of which HB is proud….not to mention, you look beautiful in it. It's like you have a wind machine for your outfit pics!

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    i adore the polka dotted skirt, and i love the pink sash around your bag! the shoes are incredible!

    <3 steffy


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    I love the mix of these two pieces. These pictures are some of your most beautiful. You are so blessed to have such a helpful photog in HB!

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    Love this outfit – I love mixing prints like that! My favorite polka dot skirt is ripped right now…this post reminded me to get it fixed!!! Also, I hope the title of this post is in reference to the movie – one of my favorites of all time, but one that nobody has ever heard of!

    xoxo Emily

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    i LOVE this outfit! the patterns are mixed so perfectly! probably one of my most favorite outfits of yours, ever. also your title is awesome – i love that movie. hello, 90's!

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    The three patterns looks brilliant together, love also mixing up the soft pink with the black and dots – looks great on you. Am going to try hard to do this pattern mix thing- looks really interesting…

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    This is just fabulous, Kristina! Your husband sounds a lot like my husband. There should probably be a "Husbands of Fashion Bloggers" support group out there. LOL! They really just don't understand. My husband has made point to let me know when he DOES like my outfit.. in other words, all the rest of my other outfits are kinda strange. LOL.. what are you gonna do?

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    I love the mixing of prints! And don't you love when boys comment on your "fashion choices" :) Those shoes are so haute by the way!

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    I am very strongly in favor of pattern mixing. And bows. So therefore: patterns + bows = total post love! My boyfriend doesn't even question what I wear anymore, he doesn't get pattern mixing either :)

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    I envy those who are able to mix prints and you did a knockout job of it!!! SO cute and fresh looking. I'm in love with your bag and the scarf is a great touch. Now as for the hair fiasco…I for one have had a lifetime of time out with my few strands of hair that I have, yes, it's very fine and not much of it!. I happen to think your hair looks great and if that's the worse it ever looks then count your hair blessings!!! Your blog is aptly named as you epitomize all three of those words.

  19. Natalie says

    Shame on you for wearing a skirt I can no longer purchase! It's cut is so flattering and so very out of stock!

    You look fantastic! Bows and dots work no matter what HB says!

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    Hehe I can totally see how the shirt would work as a pajama top =) It would be so adorable!! Love love LOVE the polka dotted pencil skirt and how you paired it with black tights … gives the color sequence a bit of flair~~

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    Oh my gosh, stop it! That picture of you that you hate is gorgeous and I love your hair – it's blowing in the wind and looks so natural. Be proud of it, not many people can do that ;)

    You can totally rock the mixed prints, especially these together. Don't let HB tell you otherwise!



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    Ooohhh I love the mixed patterns. Especially since there is pink in the mix. I put my hair in time-out all the time. Totally normal ;)



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    Oh, silly HB! He must follow the same school of thought of my mom who's bag must match her belt which must match her shoes, no questions asked. She's convinced I'm psychotic half of the time because I rarely match. As Stacy London always says, "you don't have to match, you just have to go."

    You definitely "go", though, in my opinion you match too, but who am I?

    I wish I could really put my hair on punishment some days when it's misbehaving. Better yet, I wish I could exchange it for better behaved hair!

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    Have you heard of Everybody, Everywear yet? You should check it out, because today what polka dots!! What a coincidence! :) You are rockin this skirt, by the way!!

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    I love everything you have going on here…that top is too great and so fun how you paired ti with the polkadotted skirt and that amazing scarf!

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    This outfit is amazing, K! And I love the title of this post. It's funny because lately have been trying really hard to remember the name of that movie! My sister and I loved it so much and I want to buy it for her as a birthday gift.

    I wish I would have chatted with you at the TxSCC. You looked awesome and did a great job moderating the panel!


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