1. says

    Ditto! I’ve always liked the paperbag waist… but i could never find any around houston.

    I actually seem to have that problem alot… I guess cuz i browse japanese fashion blogs -_-

  2. says

    I love the sheen of the shirt in the first photo. Love the cut of the skirt in the first photo too. Also love the purse and hair. Overall the juxtaposition between casual and dressy is pleasing.

  3. CaffeinatedFrenzy says

    I love those shoes in the second photo! I wish I had a reason to get super high heels lol. That top in the first photo is fantastic as well.

  4. CostaLoca says

    I love everything here..I’m an employee at Zara and went crazy when i saw spring 2010 collection, really like their interpretation of shirts….Really want to see more dresses for summer…

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