Pomegranate Ice Cream

pomegranate ice cream

This recipe is so simple, so gorgeous, and so ungodly delicious that I simply couldn't keep it from you guys. I've been making it since forever. I know most of you are like myself and neither own nor have any plans to purchase an ice-cream maker. What's the point if you dust it off once every few years out of guilt? Nah, for this recipe all you need is a little elbow grease (or for my fellow lazy-asses, a stand mixer).

*cracks knuckles* Let's get started!

Pretty Pomegranate Ice Cream

¾ c. pomegranate juice (Pom Wonderful works best!)

1 lime or ¼ c. lime juice

1-½ c. powdered sugar (granulated sugar also works here, but I prefer powdered)

2 c. heavy cream (you can also use just 1 c. heavy cream and 1 c. half & half)

Optional: Add 1 tbsp. of Chambord raspberry liquor for a creamier, smoother finish (and helps prevent ice crystals)

Recipe inspired by and adapted from two sources: my BFF Paula's Pastries, and my other BFF Nigella Lawson (just kidding...she wants to be my BFF but I told her I already had one).

pomegranate ice cream measure out 1 ½ c. powdered sugar into a large bowl

pomegranate ice creamyou'll need ¾ c. pomegranate juice (most grocery stores have Pom Wonderful juice in the refrigerated produce section)

pomegranate ice cream measure out the pomegranate juice

pomegranate ice cream pour into the powdered sugar you measured out a moment ago

pomegranate ice cream

pomegranate ice cream measure out 1/4 c. lime juice (or the juice of one lime--I like these containers because they last long enough for my infrequent need for it)

pomegranate ice cream Oops, more than 1/4 c. Oh well, I like mine on the fresh/tart rather than sweet side, so this'll be just fine.

pomegranate ice cream In it goes.

pomegranate ice cream Now pour in your 2 c. heavy cream. So pretty when this happens!

pomegranate ice cream

pomegranate ice cream Food Network, I'll be expecting your call.

pomegranate ice cream Now mix this up with your whisk a little.

pomegranate ice cream

pomegranate ice cream Now it's time to whisk away until soft peaks form in the mixture (or for those lazy asses like myself, transfer to Kitchenaid mixer, turn it on, and watch).

pomegranate ice cream While busy thinking about things and not doing the work that my mixer was taking care of for me, I came to a realization.

pomegranate ice cream My nails are the same color as my mixer. True love?

pomegranate ice cream

pomegranate ice cream Looks like soft enough peaks to me (I don't want to make whipped cream here, just make it light and fluffy).

pomegranate ice cream Pour it into a container that will fit in your fridge. Hopefully you do not stock up on as much frozen dinners as I do, making freezer space a precious commodity. This loaf pan was perfect!

pomegranate ice cream

pomegranate ice cream Cover it with a lid or plastic wrap so it is moderately air tight (I think it's to prevent ice crystals from forming, like what happens on your old melted-and-refrozen ice cream).

pomegranate ice cream Here's what it looks like 7 hours later.

pomegranate ice cream Mmmm....

You're probably wondering what it tastes like. Well, it's kind of like a sorbet in that it's light, fluffy, and hints at flavor without shouting it from the rooftops of your mouth. But, as it's cream-based, it's obviously not a sorbet. But it tastes like one. Does that make sense? It also doesn't roll very well into scoops like professional ice cream, but I think that lends an authenticity to it.

The best way to find out is to just grab the few simple ingredients next time you're shopping for groceries, and try it yourself. You won't be disappointed. And hey, come back here and let me know how it went, 'kay?

pomegranate ice cream Bottoms up!

XOXO, Kristina